Best NBA Centers of 2013-2014

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The Top Ten

Dwight Howard

2Joakim Noah
You'd be hard pressed to find another Center, or any NBA player for that matter, who plays with as hard and with as much energy as Noah, he's not the strogest, fastest and obviously not an offensive presence, but boy can this guy play Defense and pass the ball for a big man, with Rose back, I see Noah having a career year.

3Tim Duncan
At 38 he still averages a double double and 2.7 blocks unbelievable
At 38 he is still the best center in the league wow

4Marc Gasol

5Brook Lopez

6Al Jefferson

7Andrew Bynum

8Al Horford

9Tyson Chandler

10Andre Drummond

The Contenders

11Larry Sanders

12Greg Monroe

13DeMarcus Cousins
The fact that he's not here is insulting. especially since Brook Lopez can't grab a rebound

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