The NBA's Most Underrated Players


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The Top Ten

Ray Allen
everybody sees other players but if I look at ray allen, he's just as or more competitive than most nba stars..
great talent coupled with discipline and smarts. just a class act.
he is the best 3 point shooter carmelo is not over rated
[Newest]Best three point shooter ever! And is very clutch like in game 6 of the finals

2Manu Ginobili
He is not only underrated in the NBA, he is also underrated for the team, where he just play an average 28 minutes per games. He is also a top ten in 48 min stats, was on the top of the list when the season started. I give my vote to Ray Allen and Kevin Martin too.
He lays himself very low, so as the whole spurs team. As others said, a great player is who steps up in final minutes, you can find most times, manu was handling the ball at those time, coach know who is the best option to make those plays.
Manu is really good maybe the best clutch player in the league


[Newest]Manu ginobili is terrible

3Chris Bosh
Chris Bosh is really a star. He is very underrated cause nobody cares about him. People are too focused on lebron and wade but honestly, bosh really deserves a spotlight in miami well lebron and wade took it all.
He has maybe the second best mid range jump shot in the league
People that play with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade tend to get underrated.
[Newest]One of the greatest power forwards ever


4Carmelo Anthony
Best offensive player in the NBA in my opinion. Plus he had real footwork and plays decent perimeter defense even though he never fills out stat sheets.
Great one-on-one scoring ability. Can finish both from inside an outside.. But he never had a good couple of people around him to max his potential..
Carmelo's a boss but trust me he's not underrated at all he plays for NY!

5Michael Redd
Fantastic scorer when he was with the Bucks but barely ever considered great because of the small city.
Great at OSU but everybody forgot about him after injuries. All that aside he's a well rounded player that can score when needed.

6Paul Pierce
May not be some superstar like a Lebron, Kobe, or Durant. But when the time calls he's clutch! 9 time all star, and NBA finals MVP. He is nothing short of a true basketball player.
for sure watched him play alone for years. now he can shine and shine he will. 2008 Finals MVP. 4-9-08


He might not be Kobe or Lebron, but neither is anyone else. This guy doesn't get the respect he deserves.

7Kevin Martin
Personally one of my fave players in the league to watch. The guy is so efficient on the offensive end and is really a top 5 scorer in the league right now. That is how good he really is as he can score in so many different ways yet never gets the credit he deserves.

On another note, I don't see how Paul could be underrated lol, every single person knows how good he is. But I do agree with the other ones ahead of K-Mart though those are arguable


this guy has the potential to be a prolific scorer and he doesn't say much about it he goes out and does his job. he is the NBA version of Andre Johnson
Has the potential to by far be one of the top 10 scorers in the league at the very least. A strong jump shot and his free throw shooting and layups are phenomenal as well

8Dražen Petrović
Best European nba player of all time and maybe Europe's best basketball player of all time! His one of the smartest players in the nba history!

9Steve Nash

10Chris Paul
No he is not rondo is the most underrated player in the nba, rajon is the best on his team, he is the most underrated because of his jumper that is the main reason why he is the most underrated player and he also keeps his team together. Nobody will be more underrated then rondo. PERIOD
Chris paul is a top 20 player all time. check out his advanced stats and compare them to other point guards.
he steals the be ball like crazy he should get more money!


The Contenders

11Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk barely misses free-throws! HES #1!
The best sharpshooter of all time

12Pau Gasol
Pau should at least be in the top five. He's a great player. 7"0' center/power forward with a good fg % he's probably the best underrated
big man of all time.
Pau should be number one! He almost never misses in the paint, and you hear trash about him being 'soft', but he plays well in his so called 'soft' conditions.
I don't watch basketball too much. people say he's amazing that's all I know

13J.R. Smith

14Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson Is On Golden State A Very Bad Team Thats Why He Is Underrated He Should Be Moved To A Better Team Like Orlando

15Alex English

16Richard Hamilton
This is the best shooter in the league, hands down.


17Ben Gordon
This dude is a beast! Not only is he great shooting the 3, but he can shoot two's, and layup as well giving his game more depth then being a linear player. He's a great leader and scorer. Need proof? Go to YouTube and find his footage against the Celtics in '09 when he was a Bull.
He so sexy 2

18Rudy Gay

19Tim Duncan
Should be # 1 by far

20Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson is everything

21Jermain O'Neal
Look at his stats, he used to dominate.

22Monta Ellis

23Gerald Wallace
Amazing defensively, his offensive game has transformed and he is straight out all hustle. The guy is a beast on both ends of the floor and doesn't give up on a game.

24John Wall

25Kyle Lowry

26Al Jefferson
Al Jefferson should play for a different team. He is not doing anything at defense and he is doing a little bit good at offense. That is why he should not play for the Utah Jazz.


27Bill Russell

28Terrence Ross

29Elgin Baylor
Highest single-season scoring average of anybody in NBA history not named Wilt Chamberlain [yes that does include MJ].

30Arvydas Sabonis
In his prime, quite possibly the 4th best big man of all time, behind only Wilt, Kareem, and Bill Russell.
Yes I DO mean he was better than Shaq!
Sad that he could not escape the USSR national team until he was a crippled old man.

31Roy Hibbert
I've played with the guy, he is a modest player, don't get on his bad side

32Hassan Whiteside

33Jimmy Butler
The best LeBron defender!
+the kobe stopper

Vote for Jimmy 'G' Buckets (the 'g' stands for gets! )

34Rajon Rondo
RONDO IS A STUD! He is a Top 5 point guard, even though so many people hate on him and say he can't shoot! He's not a shooter, but his shot is quite a bit better than it used to be! He is so nice at getting to the run and dropping dimes! GO CELTICS!
This guy is scary with the basketball. I have the most fun watching the Celtics when he is on the floor.


Triple double machine! 2010's version of fat lever.

35Jason Richardson
he's got all-star potential.


36Andre Iguodala

37Amare Stoudemire

38Kevin McHale

39Michael Carter-Williams

40Kwame Brown
3.2 point per game and O. O BLOCKS per game. Mugsuy bogus averged more than him.

41Baron Davis
Great clutch player. Led Warriors past Mavericks.


42Toni Kukoč

43Tony Wroten

44Tayshaun Prince
He scores 20 points every night and I mean every night he has started like 500 consecutive games

45Ron Artest

46Kirk Hinrich
Every time I watch the bulls game it's like Captain Kirk with the 3pt attempt a nice three by kinrick

47DeMarcus Cousins

48Bill Walton

49Elton Brand

50Tracy McGrady
Why is this beast so low


51Nate Thurmond

52Paul Millsap

53Ben McLemore

54Sebastian Telfair
I'm not saying he is the most underrated but give him a chance he could do everything if you just payed more attention on him


55Brandon Roy

56Mike Conley, Jr.
A very consistent 2 way point guard.

57Jamal Tinsley

58Kobe Bryant

59Byron Scott

60Reggie Jackson

61Brandon Jennings
He's dirty and no one notices him just because he's on the bucks the only time people actually noticed his is when he dropped 55 points

62Kevin Johnson
He was robbed 3 All Star games. Numbers in his prime were like Isiah Thomas or CP3

63Eduardo Najera

64Chris Duhon

65Kevin Durant

66Luis Scola

67JJ Redick

68Mike Miller

69Michael Jordan
People think lebron is greater than the goat
Lebron? Please! People are so eager to replace him. The league is less physical now and MJ didn't abandon Chicago for a power team as lebron has. Jordan was an assassin, lebrons soft. Kobe is the closest thing to MJ

70Draymond Green
Such an underrated talent

71Dwyane Wade
He is very underrated for what he's done with and for the heat

72Jimmer Fredette
He just needs playing time

73George Mikan

74Jerry West

75Larry Bird

76Derek Fisher

77Bill Laimbeer

78World B. Free

79Sarunas Marciulionis

80Luke Ridnour

81Zach Randolph

82Brian Scalabrine

83Anthony Davis

84Luol Deng

85Kemba Walker

86J.J. Barea
He is the best lottle guy in the league he should. Be more rated

87Zydrunas Ilguaskas

88Kevin Garnett

89Mike Dunleavy, Jr.

90Arron Afflalo

91Paul George

92Charlie Villanueva

93Kevin Love

94Jeremy Lin
Just because he's Asian doesn't mean he can't play basketball! He's always been consistent in he's plays! They keep him on the bench till the last minute &blames him when they lose. He perfects any position coaches see him lacking. He can play the game by himself &win but he always is a team player!

95Anderson Varejao

96Kenneth Faried
The manimal. Very athletic for a power foward. But I had to go with Anthony davis

97Jrue Holiday

98LaMarcus Aldridge

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