Top Ten NBA Players of the 2012-2013 Season

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1Lebron James

Lebron is an amazing player. He is simply the cristiano ronaldo of nba

He dominates the game without scoring.. He is involved in almost all the points of the team.. He can score if he wants to but he has a pass first mentality.. In my opinion the most dominantly versatile player in the NBA today..
Simply one of the most gifted, all-around players ever to walk the planet. I respect all the other great players out there, but for now, LeBron is the best present player and will soon extend his reign into all-time top tens

Lebron is very close to be like Michael Jordan I mean he already has 4 MVP'S and 2 Finals MVP's at the age of 28 he still got more years and contracts to earn more mvp's and more championships he's doing a great job with D. Wade C. Bosh and the rest of the team... I really hope he gets to beat Michael Jordan and make it to the top player of NBA history

People who didn't vote for lebron are simply wrong b/c there's only 1 answer here. I'm not even a lebron fan but you gotta see it like it is, he's shooting 56% on the year... Unbelievable.

Lebron can do it all. He is a great passer and can score at will. Lebron is without any doubt the best NBA player and is proving to everyone that he can do whatever he wants. Lebron shows great leadership and passion for the game and wants to see his team to the very best that they can.

I like lebron james he is the best player in nba

The first 3 selections are correct but dwyane wade is better than Paul because wade can play in the post against a bigger defender but Paul cannot. Although rondo is a superb player, he shouldn't be in top ten of last season especially since he was hurt for a few games.

The most completed player in the moment


Lebron is the best because he do scoring and blocking kevin can only score plus lebron got 45 points vs the celtics one of the best teams in the world

Lebron is a great all around player he passes with great inefficiency and can get to the rim at will. Although he doesn't shoot like a Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony, he can score and get his teammates involved as well
Kobe mayb a good offensive player, but talking about lebron, he can't be stopped. He can shoot, he can pass, he can jump, he can steal, he can rebound, and many more which is very necessary to a legend. He's the best. He has great moves, cross overs and all. MJ has terrible cross over, pathetic. Well, lebron can't be compared to any. :D

LeBron will be the best player ever after Michael Jordan. He assists lots of times, rebounds, and he is a very aggressive player so he makes lots of shots. He is an all around player and to me he will always be the best!

All I can say is the king lebron james! The amazing player, he can ran the ball, he can pass the ball, he can more

In my opinion, Lebron has been the best player on the planet for a while now and I wouldn't count on that changing soon. He's a solid 3 point shooter, has a great post game, and can rebound extremely well for a player his height due to his superb strength. His passing skills are great plus he plays great D. - Lebron336

Lebron is and idiot

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2Kevin Durant

Durant is an excellent 3 point spot up shooter, his rebounding is incredible and his distribution skills have been constantly improving since last year. He is obviously the king.

KD is possibly the best shooter in the league and he's around 6'9 or 6'10. He's developed into a very good rebounder and can pass surprisingly well plus play good defense.
- Lebron336

He proves time after time that shooting is the most important aspect of basketball.

Very good 3 point shooter

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3Kobe Bryant

Without any doubt he hás been the best since a long time ago and he still there. He just like a bottle of wine as old as it gets better he is... For Lebron, he is cool but but not yet a king, perhaps prince. He as a lot to prove and with the game he has, he ain't gonna do it, sorry this what I think. Kobe and MJ are unique players.

Kobe is the greatest of all time and still is the best. He's averaging 27.0 points,5.4 rebounds, and 6.0 assists per game at 34 years old. There is no other player in the NBA who competes like he does. He's done things this year that no other player has been able to do. He will lead the Lakers to the playoffs, and hopefully a championship.

He's simplu michael jordan's successor. He's the second best player of all times after MJ

Lebron's great, but kobe still got it all

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4Carmelo Anthony

"Melo" has shot the ball much more efficient and has started to pass more while showing signs of improvement on D. This guy is a dynamite scorer and sometimes is unstoppable. - Lebron336

Carmelo is a beast, great scorer

He is a beast, a prolific scorer, a monster

He rocks best boob Niger Rupert boob

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5Chris Paul

THE best point guard in the NBA, Paul can pass amazingly well and could be one of
The best at stealing the ball. He shoots efficiently and is pretty athletic. - Lebron336

Chris Paul beat all of nba players with his 3points

CP3 can pass and score. He throws the second best alley-oops in the league and was the all-star game MVP.

Best of the best

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6Dwyane Wade

Sometimes banged up D-Wade still is a great scorer. He has an inside game, beats you outside, blocks shots, passes well, and rebounds - Lebron336

Faster, quicker. And not boastful. I think he's yeah. He is better

Dwane is one of the best player in nba all time. He is not boastful and lebron and wade is good team. Keep it up dwane. Never give up

You try your best

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7Derrick Rose

Should be number 3 on the top 10 list

He is the fastest among the NBA players, He will rise to bring you down this 2012-13
Season and He is an all time MVP!

Anyone who doesn't play basketball but fans still talk about him should always be consider the best.

Derrick rose is number 1

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8Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook deserves to be in the top ten NBA players 2013-2013 season. He isn't afraid to go to the rim. And for a short man he can jump pretty high. He makes dunking look easy.

He was a very good point guard in the NBA.

I love his playing style, he is good enough to get the throne for the best of the best player in the nba.

It seems like Russell is the fastest!

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9Tony Parker

He knows how to play even with small height he can make taller players feel shame!

No question. Led the Spurs to the Finals along with the young players and Timmy.

Best point guard for me

Little French woman though he is very good

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10James Harden

He's way better than dwight howard

Great hair...
Great beard...
Great basketball player...

Should easily be in the top 10 and on a good day he could be in the top 5

My favorite player! He will only get better and better.

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The Contenders

11Rajon Rondo

One of the craftiest players in the league Rondo can be a triple double threat with his eye popping passes. He also is a good defender and can get to the basket but occasionally struggles with his perimeter shooting. - Lebron336

Most assists plus good point average

A man that can coop whenever he wants to

Rondo is my favourite player and is one of the most skilled players in the NBA. I think he is great at flick passes and setting up his teammates for shots.

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12Dwight Howard

Great Shooter in the paint, gets rebounds, is very strong, and he can block shots. One other thing he does well is dunking really hard

Obviously not a great shooter but can use his strength inside to score at will. Also, a premier rebounder and shot blocker he rules the post like a king. - Lebron336

He is great! He can Dunk and block incredibly well! Just his shoting even though he got a 3 point once

Should be number 6 on the list he's the best center in the game today

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13Kyrie Irving

Kyrie has proved him self as an all star leading the Cav's since they lost James. At a number one draft pick he can ball handle, shoot (3pt contest), and make quick passes.

He is in top ten

I eat LeBron wishes he stayed with the CAVs now that they have Kyrie and the first draft pick! Team Kyrie all the way

Best point guard in nba!

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14Stephen Curry

Curry is is a great shooter and is the best young shooter of his time

Stephen curry and derrick rose are my 2 favorite players I just want to be just like both of them but I like to shoot the ball more so... Curry is the best option

He should be top 10

He is the best

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15Tim Duncan

Timmy is playing like he is 24, he is helping his team to the best record in the NBA. Its on pace to win SIXTY games!

Tim Duncan is a great player. His post up moves are awesome.

Timothy Duncan is the best basketball player and he will be forever

16Chris Bosh

He is one of the best bigs in game

He's weak and afraid to play inside so he's not a big man Ducan is ten times better no matter the age. Deron Williams should be above also.

17Paul George

Paulie G is a beast because of how versatile he is an he can catch up to the likes of Lebron and Carmelo

Because he can dunk over people

Definitely a top 25 player now and should be a top 10 in the near future

LeBron #1 really not

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18Blake Griffin

He's should not be 15th 4th will do for him

Blake has a lot of potential, but his jump shot has a lot to be desired

His dunks & aly oops are awesome I'm inspired by him

Come on guys you put Rondo in top 10 and you don't put Griffin?!?

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19Kevin Love

White men can't jump but he can rebound and score a lot.

My favorite player he is better then kobe in 1996

Power forward + 3 point shooter + post player + #1 fastbreak player = kevin love..

20Ray Allen

The best 3 point shooter ever

Ray allen one the oldest nba players right now but he's also a great finishers in nba

3 point master I recon he's the best 3s shooter

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