Best NBA Players of 2013-2014

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The Top Ten

Kevin Durant
Well this guy is a great shooter he has long arms he gets rebounds, assist, and mostly points as well as any body can.
At 24 he has already made it to the Finals won MVP runner up and won scoring champion
Kevin Durant is NOT as good a basketball player as LeBron James! Kevin can only play one side of the ball. He is only good on offense. He's s shooter with a few rebounds and assist per game. He is not as good a shooter as Carmelo Anthony. Kevin is no match for LeBron James who is the BEST basketball player on the planet! LeBron has 4MVPs and 2 NBA Championships. LeBron is "King of the Court"!
[Newest]Kevin and James are like brothers they both are very talented shooters and Dunkers there one of the best basketball ball players of all time

2LeBron James
LeBron has absolutely no struggles in basketball LeBron's talent statistically, athletically, as a winner will never happen again he is the best all around player in the history of all NBA players at 28 he already has 2 rings 4 MVP's 2 Finals MVP's Watch out MJ because LeBron is coming
Going to be the greatest ever when he's done. Durant had a better regular season, but it's still widely accepted that LeBron is the best player on the planet. He can score 38 if he wants to, or maybe just score 30 and dish out 8 assists and grab 8 boards and call it an "average" game. Yeah, he's that good. Better defender than Durant, too. If you need to shut a guy down on the other team, put LeBron on him. Can be the best defender in the league when he's tuned in and playing his best defense.


He's the best in the world. He has 2 rings, Durant has NONE. He has 4 MVP'S Durant has ONE. LeBron is the most athletic player of all time. And if anyone ever to catch Michael Jordan, it would be LeBron. He has no weakness, Durant has some which are Defense and strength. He has no game in the post either
What does rings have to do with anything.. KD didn't have an Allstar team like LeBron did, lebron "has 2 rings" not only cause of himself but the people he played with
[Newest]LeBron James is the "BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER"! Of all time. Kevin Durant can't dunk or shoot like LeBron. If you haven't saw the news LeBron made a full court shot. Kevin can't do that. GO HEAT!

3Paul George
Pg24 is a beast! He should have won the dunk contest! He leads his team to take down the heat and he has a boss vertical! Paul George is in the mvp race and he's better than d-wade
PG 24 is like a magical person, is a Young star he has really proved him self this year.
Averaged 17-8-4 last year at age 23, only going to improve in all of those categories.

Also, I see the Heat fankids stuffed the ballots here laugh out loud.. Wade #3?
[Newest]I think he is a good dunker

4Stephen Curry
Curry should be at least five
What the hell curry at ten damn. I don't know how wade is even in the top 50 he sucks.
Best shooter in the league!
[Newest]He is the best Plus he has the best shoe ever the Curry 1

5Dwyane Wade
Wade's and James are the two most athletic players in the history of sports Wade at 31 still has a lot of gas in the tank He can do everything no struggles in Wade's game Wade is the best driver in the history of the NBA he drives, and jumps just as we'll as Jordan he can block better than MJ and almost as good of a defender as MJ like Jordan he can do it all
Wade is a big force offensively and defensively he is the most kind and giving athlete in history not only is he a big force on the but off the court too
Wade's talents offensively and defensively are unbeatable Wade will keep winning rings and when he gets to 6 Wade and LeBron will be crowned best players in the history of the NBA
[Newest]Best player in the world

6Chris Paul
Paul at 27 he has been listed as the best point guard in the NBA 4x Paul ability's on both sides of the court are God-gifted Paul the best passer in the game and still is the best at his position
Paul is a leader on and off the court and he is very athletic and his court vision is the best in the history in the league he either scores when he needs to and ge makes teammates 2x better
Always ranked #1 in steals and assist obviously and easily top 3 players of the NBA
[Newest]I say chris paul is the best point guard in the history of nba... Thumbs up #3

7Carmelo Anthony
He is better than Wade at this present time and Paul George still has a ways to go. Defensively George is better than Melo. but offensively, you must be smoking something. The guy shot 42% to Melo's 45%, also had a 20.16 per compared to Melo's 24.50 per. He himself said that he is working hard to get to the Melo's, Durant's and Lebron's level, but he still has a ways to go.
This is a guy who averages over 26 points per game while his team is down, wow what a great player.
Carmelo should be at 1-10 and he's the 3rd best small forward power forward
[Newest]Melo should replace chris paul

8James Harden
James is awesome because he is a lefty and in the nba it is rare to see a really good lefty like the beard
Harden is a champion
James harden is awesome and the star in the west
[Newest]I know he is good but he is to way up the list

9Blake Griffin
Blake is a guy who can dunk on any body one of the greatest dunkers.
Dunk dunk dunk all he does is dunk!


Incredible dunker one the best I have ever Sean
[Newest]What he only dunk

10Russell Westbrook
Westbrook at 23 is a very skilled athlete and a great all around presence. He can fly through the air when he jumps and when he slams that ball in for a dunk it just gets better for OKC
Nice chance because Westbrook has a funny smile but averages 26 points a game

The Contenders

11Kobe Bryant
Shouldn't be anywhere near this list. He had a PER of 10.74 (15 is average and LeBron's was almost 30), averaged almost 6 turnovers in the 6 games he played, and only 13.8 points per game. How can someone who only played 6 games and is still coming off an injury come any near the top 10 let alone top 100?


Ranking kobe at number 11 in this site is false cause comparing kobe and durant or lebron in dribble and shooting they are still young.. So rank kobe #5
This is so wrong kobe can take anyone on this list one on one and DOMINATE!
[Newest]Kobe is a legend how can you put him in the 11 position. Did Kevin Durant ever score 81 pts in a match

12Dwight Howard
Howard with a team player and not a ball hog this time he is back like he was being the best big man in the league with a young player like Harden they will both develop into NBA champions. Remember they are both young
No way are you serious
Dwight Howard should at least be in the top 5

13Kyrie Irving
Irving is a unstoppable in and out
Ridiculous handles...should be top 8-10
He's played in the NBA for three years he's made all-nba 2/3 times. He's a leader he's an elite scorer he can pass, and he's very athletic
[Newest]One of the fastest

14Derrick Rose
If completely healthy, will emerge as the BEST point guard in the game. He has it all, athletic, strong, fastest guard in the NBA
Rose is one of the best drivers in the league he can score in bunches pass accurately and defend like MJ. Rose at 24 without a doubt if he's healthy he will will win championships just like MJ and Pippen did. Rose is certainly a candidate for most athletic NBA player
How can he be on the list if he barely played.
[Newest]No one is fast in attacking than derrick rose

15Lance Stephen
He is an x factor

16Damian Lillard
Gonna be the best point guard in the league one day.. Unstoppable in crunch time situations
Oh what a great player! 16?
Should be top 15 for sure. Mr. Clutch ice water in his veins.

17Roy Hibbert
Roy hibbert didn't do good this year

18Tim Duncan
It's Timmy. What else needs to be said. Even now at like 36 he is statistically one of the best power forwards in the game
Tim Duncan has lead his team throughout the season and making the number # 1 in records for the season also helped the spurs win the championchip series 4-1 even though he's getting much older.
He should be in like 16

19Kevin Love
Kevin love is good rebounder, and a good 3 point shooter.
Kevin love rocks man he has money to burn baby 💵"

20LaMarcus Aldridge
Best Power Forward in the NBA offense and defense.
LA got to be in the top 10!

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