Best NBA Shooting Guards of 2013-2014

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1James Harden

James Harden is easily the best shooting guard in the NBA currently because he can knock down 3's and he can distribute the ball to other shooters. He averages more points than anyone on his team, probably comes in top 5 in points at his position and top 10 in the NBA. Yes there are some spots he needs to work on (defense) but he can easily add that onto his practice list

Harden is a elite scorer in the NBA he is a underrated passer and a very talented 3 pt shooter. Harden is still young with a lot of potential Yes he does need to be better defensively but watch out because Harden is coming

There aren't many good shooting guards in the league so harden is the best... who voted for wade? He can't do anything.

Dwayne Wade didn't play enough games for my vote

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2Dwyane Wade

Wade is number one because of his all around ability's he is the best scorer without his knee problems, he leads shooting guards in assists, blocks, and steals he is a top 10 rebounding shooting guard 3x NBA champion his athleticism is unmatched. Wade is the best driver in the game without a doubt and and LeBron wouldn't be holding up 2 rings without The best shooting guard in the game "FLASH"

Wade is number one because of his all around play he is a scoring champion he gets over 6 assists in his career and over a block to lead in history he gets almost 2 steals he is one of the most athletic players in the league

Wade is the best driver in the game, he jumps as high as a cat, he is a elite scorer in the history of the game he is the all time leader in guard shot blocking and the best passing shooting guard

An all around efficient player!

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3Kobe Bryant

I put Kobe at 4th because of the limited minutes he will get from his injury but Kobe is still one of the top scorers in the game Kobe is a big offensive force, and you can't deny 5 rings that's amazing

Kobe is better than everyone

Kobe is the most uforgettable player in the history of nba

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4Paul George

George at 23 made all 3rd NBA, 2nd all defense and leader in shooting guard rebounding (7.4) George is great on both sides of the court and his athleticism is very under-looked

He is a boss everywhere on the floor he could do it all

He is a beast. He can do everything. Score, pass, rebound

Paul George is my idol

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5DeMar DeRozan

Watch the Raptors. He's loads better than half the guys on this list, top four or five shooting guard hands down

Demar is honestly one of the best, and with bryant out and paul george not playing SG but SF he is the third best SG in the nba right now.

6Monta Ellis

Elis is still pretty young and with a new team this year he will do what he always does well at scoring and passing

7Joe Johnson

Johnson at the buzzer it was just like walking up stairs his ability to be clutch offensively could be the best in history maybe his numbers are down but he is still a elite force

8Ray Allen

If Allen would of never made that shot to save the Heat's season he wouldn't be in this position his clutch ability's are the best in Finals history Without a doubt Allen is the best 3 pt shooter of all time His ability to shoot the three ball will never be matched

Ray is the best shooter of all time and his prime he will be in the top 5

3 pointers are everything

Ray Allen go go he the boss

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9Andre Iguodala

Iguodala is a big force on sides of the court one of the best all around players in the league that is what makes him ranked 6th of all shooting guards

10Eric Gordon

Gordon can score highly at a very young age he can really shoot from outside.

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11Danny Green
12Tony Allen

I put Allen up there because of his elite defense making all 1st defense 2 years in a row he has a lot to show for Allen without a doubt is the defensive player of the year in my opinion

13J.R. Smith
14Bradley Beal
15Vince Carter
16Dion Waiters
17Victor Oladipo
18Aaron Afflalo
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1. James Harden
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1. Dwyane Wade
2. James Harden
3. DeMar DeRozan
1. DeMar DeRozan
2. Dwyane Wade
3. Bradley Beal

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