Best NBA Small Forwards of 2013-2014

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Kevin Durant
He's the best all around player and shooter
He's the best by far. Look at his way of getting his teammates open for looks. He's nothing but a pure scorer and defender. Lebron James is a very hard matchup for KD, but Kd can handle any player in the NBA with ease. GO DURANT!
Kevin is better than lebron
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2LeBron James
Lets keep this short and sweet. All the SF's can shoot. But LeBron can literally do it all. He is an underrated defender and passer and that doesn't come often with a position mainly used for shooting. He is rock solid on both ends of the court and dominates every other small forward in the league.
LeBron not only dominates Durant on offense and defense but he beats out everybody in the world him and Wade are without a doubt gonna Jordan and Pippen look like they're second
LeBron is number one because of his athleticism and his rings and championships
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3Carmello Anthony

4Rudy Gay

5Paul George

6Luol Deng
Plays both sides of the ball very well, incredibly consistent, very fundamentally sound.

7Josh Smith

8Andre Iguodala

9Paul Pierce

10Kawahi Leonard

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