Top Ten NBA Teams Most Likely to Win the 2017 Championship


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1Golden State Warriors

Even though they lost the 2016 championship, they got a strong team, and with Durant, they have a huge chance in 2017. - Zakattack2

With Kevin Durant's addition, its obvious they won

Golden state is the second best team

Golden state is the best

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2Cleveland CavaliersThe Cleveland Cavaliers, also known as the Cavs, are an American professional basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio.

I think LeBron and gang can pull it off again next year.

Clevland is the worst team ever golden state is way better the second best team

Cavaliers is the best team! forever and always, I'm a huge fan of KING JAMES! There's a huge chance that they are going to win the 2017 championship. GO CAVALIERS!
by- a girl

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3San Antonio SpursV2 Comments
4Los Angeles Clippers

Why haven't the clippers won a ring yet

Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Paul Pierce, that's pretty much a big 4. Even Redick.. dang. Too bad the warriors are starting a dynasty

5Portland Trailblazers

Lillard himself is in the top 5 at least

WHAAT? They can't get into the playoffs with the roster they have now!

They got a strong roster now, I feel like they could win if it wasn't for GSW

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6Toronto RaptorsThe Toronto Raptors are a Canadian professional basketball team based in Toronto, Ontario. The Raptors compete in the National Basketball Association, as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Atlantic Division.
7Houston Rockets
8Los Angeles Lakers

In the 2015-2016 season, despite having Kobe one more season, was probably the worst team in the nba. I think they might do slightly better with Ingram

9Philadelphia 76ers

Simmons will improve the team but they won't be in the playoffs

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10Minnesota TimberwolvesThe Minnesota Timberwolves are an American professional basketball team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.V2 Comments

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11New York Knicks
12Atlanta HawksV1 Comment
13Utah Jazz
14Sacramento Kings
15New Orleans PelicansV1 Comment
16Chicago BullsThe Chicago Bulls are an American professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois. The Bulls compete in the National Basketball Association as a member team of the league's Eastern Conference Central Division.

Rondo Wade Butler big 3 right there, they can do it next year

The Bulls have Denzel Valentine, probably best draft pick, also have Rondo, Jimmy Butler, Dwyane wade, Robin Lopez.., they might just win again. who knows.

17Boston Celtics

They really messed up their picks lol - Zakattack2

18Detroit Piston
19Phoenix SunsV1 Comment
20Memphis Grizzlies
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