Top Ten New Mario Kart 8 Tracks

This will not include DLC and Retro.Check out those lists as well.

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Come on! Everyone loves Electro dome.Tell me one bad thing about this track.I bet you can't! - Lord28

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2Mount Wario

Best Mario kart track not only in Mario kart 8, but in all Mario Kart tracks - Martinglez

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3Sunshine AirportV1 Comment
4Shy Guy Falls
5Bowser's Castle

The best Bowsers Castle because the lava looks like my girlfriend.It is HOT! - Lord28

6Rainbow Road

Many people hate this but I think it is the best one in the series.I like earth in the background. - Lord28

7Thwomp Ruins

This Easily has the best music out of any Mario kart track ever - Lord28

8Twisted Mansion

What do you get if you combine Twisted Halways from OoT with the mansion level from Mario 64? THIS Awesome THING! - Lord28

9Sweet Sweet Canyon

This is easily the most underrated track.But seriously,I love the gingerbread toads. - Lord28

10Cloudtop Cruise

You start on a beanstalk then realise that it is coming out of a? Block.Nice Effect to an awesome track - Lord28

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11Big Blue
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