Best New School Rappers

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1Kendrick Lamar

Every single album he drops is a classic

Kendrick is the best

Mean flow, dope lyrics and breath taking delivery. He is also a great storyteler, listen to " The Art Of Peer Pressure" and "Keyshia's Song"


Most overrated rapper. Really doesn't compete with anybody in the to then let alone the top 3. Talks about drugs, money, and females. Only thing he has is beats, take that away and look at what happens. Ever heard him freestyle, has the worst freestyles ever.

When he wants to, he can compete for number 1. When he is not singing (that is)

The most versatile artist period

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3J. Cole

Good flow, the BEST storyteller, great lyricist. It is almost impossible to outshine him on a track

4Lupe Fiasco

Best lyricist, great storyteller listen to "The Cool", Good flow

8Schoolboy Q
9Jay Electronica

I guarantee you in the next 3 years he will be at the top.

Has a story like Kendrick, better flow than anybody on this list, crazy lyrics. Deserves top 3 with Kendrick and J. Cole

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11Big Sean
12Big K.R.I.T.

Krit is the new king of the south. He should be easily top 5 on this list. Mt. Olympus is one of my favorite songs of all time.

13Wiz Khalifa
14Jay Rock
15Joey Badass
16Danny Brown

He's that one rapper were either he has amazing songs (ill mind 5-7) and has some not so great songs. His only downfall is that he's self produced. He only produces his songs on his album and to be honest, the beats just aren't that great and that's what gets people hating and calling him corny because people like drake fans click on his music expecting a thumping beat and that's not what hopsin is all about. Its about the music, not about looking cool.

Hopsin's has very good lyrics and messages in his songs he is also independent.

Love him. Should be in the top 10 at least

18Chance The Rapper

Its Cole baby after that verse on looking for trouble, how could anyone question him?

20Kid Cudi
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