Best NFL Quarterbacks of 2013

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The Top Ten

Peyton Manning
Look peyton Manning is my favorite player period and I'm not saying this cause he my favorite player cause statistics prove it look at this year this man already have 1100 something yard he's the best ever
I was horrified when he went to Denver last season as I disliked him the most out of all the NFL Quarterbacks but to my surprise he played his best season ever. He was very good before but now is great. Elway is still number one of all time.
This year he was the best quarter back easy he got at the top of the stats by far and he's going to the Super Bowl. But not as good as Tom Brady. But this year Peyton is better all the way.
[Newest]Peyton manning should be number two

2Tom Brady
He is a great and future hall of fame quarterback with an outstanding determination and amazing arm
Start of the season but tom will get up to number 1
He is the number 1 quarterback in the league, never put brady in the 2 spot.
[Newest]Tom brady should be number one

3Drew Brees
Drew brees is the best quarter back I mean peyton manning come on seriously I mean he is good because he isn't that great he can throw good throws and be there for his team but I wouldn't consider him the best and then tom brady no no way he is ok too he isn't really a top player he is not one of the greatest quarterbacks a lot of people just know him for maybe long passes good play but he is not an all star player, the best quarterback and this is a fact is drew brees is has a great mind knows what to do how to play know when to set up make good plays do good with his teamates I think of drew brees as a legen quarterback his throws are always on the spot he knows what he's doing I think he is the star player he is my quarterback
We'll Peyton manning is an extremely good quarterback and so is Drew Brees. But has Tom Brady Or Peyton manning have over 5,000 yard season for 4 years in a row. No so Drew is the BEST!
I think Drew Bees has a chance at going to the super bowl and the Panthers maybe first in there division by records but the Saints are better
[Newest]Best quarterback in HISTORY payton manning can't out throw tom brady

4Russell Wilson
He a natural, no doubt about it. I like his athleticism, arm strength, and poise. I have never seen him looking desperate or rushed. Even when he's on the run he's calm and has his eyes downfield. He's already a Super Bowl champion in year #2. As long as he is with the Seahawks they will have stability on offense. You can't put a price tag on that. I'm not even a hawks fan
His team holds the best record in the nfl for the 2013 season, he has the record for the most wins in his first two years, he is tied for the most td passes in the first two years and at this point is still undefeated at home!
Have you ever seen him have a bad game? Flustered? Upset? Anything but professional? I didn't think so.
[Newest]Russell Wilson took the Seattle Seahawks to 2 Super Bowls in a row

5Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers came into the league as a highly-toted rookie who backed up Brett Favre. When Brett Favre wanted to return to the Packers after he retired, the Packers rejected. They chose Aaron Rodgers over one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Just think about that.
Aaron Rodgers is an elite weapon in Packers offense. He is clutch and not to mention the MVP. Rodgers can make another Super Bowl run this year.
Aaron Rodgers should be on top of this list. He should have been 1st pick but 49ers made a horrible mistake by choosing Alex Smith. Rodgers has the most accurate throws ever. He leads Packers to many victories. I believe he is better than Peyton Manning. Although Peyton Manning is good, Aaron Rodgers is better. Rodgers is a future Hall of Fame.
[Newest]I would say he is number 1 not Payton

6Colin Kaepernick
I think kaepernick is the best in my opinion because I love him but I think the whole chart is exactly correct I think
Best quarterback in the league
I think he is the best
[Newest]He is the best in the west

7Joe Flacco
I think he is the awesome quarterback I have ever seen
I don't really understand why some people try to insist that this guy as a good QB. He makes too many mistakes and doesn't score enough for it to be worth it. 19 TDs/22 INT, 73.1 passer rating last year.

8Cam Newton
He can do it all run, bomb the ball, and make a short pass, they don't call him superman for nothing
Cam newton the real superman
Can newton can run he can pass short and towards the middle but he can work on his deep pass to the end zone and he get sacked because of his oline but yeah he Is aw awesome aQB

9Andrew Luck
He is from Stanford kids, he is pretty darn good. BETTER THAN GRIFFIN I.

Here are my top ten quarterbacks of 2013/2014. IT IS ONLY FOR THIS YEAR!
1. peyton manning- going to superbowl no doubt about it
2. cam newton- led them to playoffs =, in my opinion, 40% chance of winning first game in playoffs
2. russel Wilson- heck of a year, he looks really good for a youngster, Jets should grab him because geno and mark sanchez suck
4. Alex Smith- this team could make the afc championship 55% sure, THIS TEAM CANNOT WIN SUPERBOWL THOUGH because they just got smith and can get BETTER, if I were coach, I would grab boston college runningback or clowne on South Carolina
5. Tom brady- hate the patriots but seem ok, not going to win the afc game or superbowl though in my opinion which hopefully happens
6. Colin kaepernick- he has heck of game yo
7. Andrew luck-he has game and in this year to-14 years, he will have one or two superbowl rings, could even be three, in my opinion CAN BE FOUR
8. Drew Brees-is good overall and won superbowl so, I had to choose him
9. Andy Dalton-I don't know how good he is this year but the bengals look good so,
Aaron Rodgers-he won superbowl he SHOULD BE RANKED IN TOP 6, BUT BECAUSE INJURY I just put him in tenth
I LOVE ELI MANNING BUT EVEN THOUGH HE WON 2 SUPERBOWLS, HE SUCKS BECAUSE OVERALL if you rate a team without a quarterback, they would be in the top 10 worst teams so... at least the jets have good defense right heh heh
He's amazing for only a second year. Last year he had the best Rookie Season I've ever seen, and still this year he manages to surprise me. First playoff game and he manages to pull a 45-44 win over the Chiefs after a 28 point deficit, the second biggest comeback in NFL history. In my opinion, he deserves the number 1 spot.
This guy is making a good comeback with the colts and maybe not this year but next season they might get a chance at the super bowl
[Newest]I love Andrew luck

10Matt Ryan
He just makes a lot of plays. Strong arm and smart with the football. He is usually a league leader in passing yards and TDs. He has not exactly had great defensive play from his teammates really ever. I think that is why he's had such little playoff success. Eventually he will catch a break and get to the Superbowl I think. I really like him and I'm not even a fan of the Falcons.
Hard to question his consistant, steady 5 year career.

The Contenders

11Robert Griffin III
This guy should not be on here he is not good
He should have never got he rookie of the year award that should of went to Wilson and luck not griffen and luck ohhh yeah he also won a superbowl on his rookie year

12Jay Cutler
He is better that a lot of people think
Good arm, and better then aaron rodgers
Not better than aaron horrible qb shows off to other qbs by throwing a touchdown to marshall just he is horrible

13Ben Rothlisberger
Can carry the team on his shoulders week after week, year after year.
Ben is awesome and flacco sucks
Only quarterback that looks down the field instead of running

14Nick Foles
Vick is pretty good but he did something that people won't forget... He ruined his reputation


Should be at spot number 1
Nick foles was a way better quarter back than vick he should be in top 10 with his armstrengt

15Philip Rivers
I live in San diego and even though the Chargers didn't get to the playoffs he got off to a great start in the season
Just look at his stats he is better than 15
I admit that I'm charger fan but he deserves this spot because he is in the top ten QB ratings at 3rd and 6th in the passing yards

16Tony Romo
Still wasting his talent on the cowboys most definitely a top 10 Eli manning sucks ass
Clutch Man of 2013, no FEAR!
The guy plays with more heart than any qb today. He's been dragging the worst defense to victories for years. One game for him has more excitement than Tom Brady's entire career. He's so beat up now Cowboys will be fortunate if he finishes next season. He is a combo of Farve and Tarkington, just a no quit guy

17Eli Manning
He's just the best two time super bowl chapion baby and that victor cruz
Eli is number 1

18Michael Vick
Michael Vick has the speed and arm strength

19Alex Smith
He is so stinkin good! Him and the chiefs are going to the playoffs and going to win allthe playoff games and go to the superbowl

20Matthew Stafford
WHY isn't HE IN THE TOP 10 Stafford is great I would put him on 7


I would place him up there with Peyton, Tom, and Drew.

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