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811982 Washington Redskins

This team never gets the respect it deserves from analysts. Anyone who saw them play, though, knows why this power football machine lost only one game and swept the playoffs with ease.

This team was truly INCREDIBLE! People forget... Riggins right/Riggins left. So simple and yet so unstoppable! Simple and you knew what was coming... stopping it? Was another matter altogether! Go Hogs!

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821995 Dallas Cowboys

They should be higher in the list we are talking about one of the most popular sports teams of all time.

And no matter if they didn't make it to the play offs and I mean everybody gets hurt once in a lifetime

Suck they didn't even make it to the play offs plus romo is so old that he could barley play

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832015 Seattle Seahawks

Cheats, Liars, and a murderer. Whats next? Child molesters?

that's the legacy I'm ashamed of. Go Pats...

Hey Patriots fans don't be talking crap about the Seahawks the only reason you even made it to the super bowl is because your quarterback cheated by deflating the balls, so think about that next time you talk crap about the Hawks go Hawks.

Seahawks are an up and down team

They almost beat panthers 31-24.

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842008 Pittsburgh Steelers

All I know I seen my team the most that's a fact if you ain't steel nation you probably should find another sight.

Five of the greatest linebackers in NFL history. FIVE! That's more than they can even have on the field! - Ironsights51

Steelers founded: 1933. First ever playoff appearance 1970's. This is something. Steeler fans try to forget

Love the steelers forever

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852007 San Diego Chargers

I love the chargers. They are awesome. So what they don't win a lot! Still support them as they go along.

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862011 Cincinnati Bengals

First of all how are the 2011 bengals better than the super bowl bengals of the 80's

Best bengals team ever but trust me they are going to get way better because andy dalton and aj green are just getting started - bushnell11

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872013 Green Bay Packers

Miracles happen once in a while


881976 New England Patriots

Phantom roughing the passer call, allows the Raiders to comeback win and eventual Super Bowl win. The '76 Patriots led by Steve Grogan, destroyed the Raiders in the regular season and had them beat in the playoffs.

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892015 Cleveland Browns

Cleveland brown from family guy would probably like this team.. Lol

Outstanding. I have never seen a better team

Under rated in every aspect. This team is only 1-2 plays per game away from a perfect record. With the legendary Johnny football, an outstanding TE and WR and RT Joe Thomas, I'm shocked teams don't just surrender. Just wait until the second half of the season-- they will go undefeated, make the playoffs, and the only thing that can stop them from winning it all is the patriots. Just wait though; the 2016 Browns will be even better.

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902007 Dallas Cowboys

Why are there thumbs down? They won a lot of super bowls, so now you like redskins or bills or packers?

They went to the most super bowls I mean come on they are the best team

It is the best team there is ever going to be. The new england patriots are nerver going to be as good as them.

Best team right now

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911984 Oakland Raiders

What idiots have this team ranked here! They should be listed in the top 10 period. Damn Raider haters...

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922003 Carolina Panthers

They went to the Super Bowl in 2003 and played a good game against the New England Patriots. I think that they are a good team! :-)

Pretty good team but not as good as the Dallas cowboys I mean really them

They are bad. And this season could go undefeated huge panthers fan

They lost to the broncos in supper bowl 50

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932015 Denver Broncos

We had the best defense and won the superbowl how are they this far down the list

Ya how is it this far down the list

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942015 Oklahoma Sooners

They are definitely one of the best teams that college football has ever seen

There the best team. All I can say

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951961 Green Bay Packers

Not surprised this is here. Vince Lombardi led them to 11-3 and a championship.

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962010 Pittsburgh Steelers

This team was so explosive. They had so much talent that you knew you had to be careful around them, offense or defense. Plus they brought home ring #6 to Pittsburgh

Yeah and the giants have 8 rings the bears have 9 and the packers have 13 woopy doo Pittsburgh

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972009 Minnesota Vikings

Once again, this Vikings team was one fluke play away from winning the Super Bowl, the same way they were 1 play away from winning one in '98

Who ever won that NFC title game was going to win the Superbowl.

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981990 New York GiantsV1 Comment
991969 Kansas City ChiefsV4 Comments
1002015 New York GiantsV5 Comments
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