Best NHL Forwards of 2013-2014

Best forwards in the game not all about points, but mostly.

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1John Tavares

Ahead of Sid simply because he plays for a much poorer team and for him to be putting up the numbers is more impressive. - Lucic17x

2Sidney Crosby

Best forward in the league but has better team mates than Tavares... But a stupidly good season so far again for Sid. - Lucic17x

3Jonathan Toews

Best two way player in the league.. - Lucic17x

4Alexander Ovechkin

You know he's getting the puck on the PP and you STILL can't stop it.

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5Ryan Getzlaf
6Martin St Louis

Carrying Tampa Bay right now in the absence of Stamkos. Amazing player and at his age still looks the best on the ice most games. - Lucic17x

7Corey Perry

One of the main men in the Ducks amazing season so far. - Lucic17x

8Kyle Okposo

Islanders... for him to have the points he does on that team is wow. - Lucic17x

9Patrick Kane

Great numbers, Important player for the Stanley Cup Champions. - Lucic17x

10Patrice Bergeron

Maybe a little biased as a Boston fan but he's the most reliable center, wins most of his faceoffs, amazing defensively and provides a decent point production at the other end. Best defensive forward in the NHL! - Lucic17x

The Contenders

11Phil Kessel

Carries the leafs and is a point per game player with Bozak as his centre

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1. John Tavares
2. Sidney Crosby
3. Jonathan Toews



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