Top 10 NHL Goalies of 2013

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Tukka Rask
3 is what he really is he has done great
I'm not even a bruins fan but I watch The games, and he is number one, just by a hair
Best save percentage should have had the Vezina.
[Newest]He is beast and saves most goals others can not. (sorry Crawford)

2Corey Crawford
You cannot deny Crawford is the best. He probably made a lot of saves that most goalies cannot save. (Sorry Rask)
Corey Crawford #1 Anti Raanta #4

3Pekka Rinne

4Roberto Luongo
He is the best goalie ever!

5Henrik Lundqvist
I like the rangers, and saw all these goalie and thought he was the best
Who wouldn't vote for this guy? He's amazing
No question Hank is not only the best goalie in the NHL but the best in the world right now!

6Carey Price
Price still needs some work here and there but is by far one of the best in the NHL...
Jar jar binks for the win
Carey price is boss

7Marc-Andre Fleury

8Jonathan Quick
Quick is so good he is quick get it anyway quick was the best or one of the best
Well what can I say? He's quick :P but... He's the best
Jonathan Quick and Brodeur Should be higher
[Newest]Should be at least three

9Craig Anderson
He is the best because he did so much in the playoffs and the season. If it wasn't for him the sens wouldn't make the playoffs
Anderson was great in 2013 but now in 2014 he needs to you know wake up

10Antti Niemi

The Contenders

11Martin Brodeur

12Kari Lehtonen

13Jimmy Howard

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