Top 10 NHL Players of the 2012-2013 Season

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1Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby been doing awesome I do not know bout ovechkin but he better just his ass into shape because if he doesn't hi rookie card will drop through the roof.

Crosby still led the points after being injured for a month and came only 5 points away from the art ross even though he only played about half the season - crosby87

Last year Did missed a quarter of the season and still finished 2-3 points away from winning the scoring title!

Crosby didn't play many games at all but still made it extremely high in the stats.

2Alex Ovechkin
3Patrick Kane
4John Tavares
5Evgeni Malkin
6Jonathan Toews

If you're playing hard you deserve my vote!

Yes you are awesome

7Steven Stamkos
8Zdeno Chara

Simply the anchor of the Bruins Team that Plays hard every night and should contend for the Stanley Cup for many years to come

9Pavel DatsyukV1 Comment
10Thomas Vanek

Playing great this year

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The Contenders

11Matt Duchene
12Patrice Bergeron
13Martin St.Louis
14Henrik Zetterberg
15Shea Weber
16Phil Kessel

He has really changed his play, and performed well in the playoffs

17Joe Thornton
18Jason Garrison
19Daniel Sedin
20Henrik Sedin
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1. Zdeno Chara
2. Steven Stamkos
3. Jonathan Toews
1. Sidney Crosby
2. Alex Ovechkin
3. John Tavares



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