Best Nickelodeon Shows of 2014


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Spongebob SquarePants
Best kids show EVER! Love it!


This show is very fun fun for kids to let there funny side out.
I LOVE SpongeBob! He's the best and will never get old!

2The Fairy OddParents

Negative, This is one of the worst.

4Sam and Cat
Even Worse than Victorious.
This show blows chucks

5The Haunted Hathaways

6Rabbids Invasion

7The Penguins of Madagascar

8Winx Club
I love winx club it s my favorite show in the universe I an winx clubs number 1 fan and I hope the new movie comes out in theaters in the United States
I love winx club and I never want it to end I wish it would come on more

9Monsters vs Aliens
The movie was good, but the show sucked, take this off the list.

10The Legend of Korra

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