Top 10 Nike Shoes

These include all types of shoes except cleats (futsal included).

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1Nike Air Force 1

High, low or med they are all good.

They're simply the best shoes ever.

I first got a pair around 2005. It's now 2016 and I will only wear the Air Force 1 white high tops. Most comfortable shoe ever - Johnnyt800

This is a nice shoe

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2Nike Hyperdunk

The style of shoe is awesome I like this

I wear 2015 ones right now and wore earlier ones too. They are awesome, comfortable and have great support. One of the best shoes ever. I love them!

Best shoes ever no game when these shoes are in the floor

Really good basketball shoe

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3Nike Air Jordan 1V7 Comments
4Nike Air Yeezy 2

I like Pears You Losers But I don't like pears get wrecked

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5Nike Free Run 3

They are comfortable and lightweight

Best running shoes used. Chucked up Run 5 and use this one.

A spectacular shoe flexible and comfortable a breakthrough in the shoe area

Asics are better

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6Nike LeBron 11V1 Comment
7Nike Free 5.0

They're super comfortable and lightweight. Great flexibility so I can use my feet when running to their max capability. Overall, an awesome shoe.

Super great shoes! They are really good and comfortable. And not way too expensive.

They're awesome shoes! They match anything, are comfortable, and all around just great shoes!

Just got a pair of these they look cool feel comfortable and are overall great shoes

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8Nike Roshe Run

Great running shoes and comfortable. & nice look

This shoe should be in the first place

Sexy shoes but asics are better

Very good, very light!

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9Nike Air Max 90

Just a great shoe to wear whenever you want

So comfortable, is good to wear in all occasions.

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10Nike Foamposite

By far the best form fitting shoe by Nike. Takes time to mold feet but when that happens they are amazing and stylish.

The Contenders

11Nike LeBron 10

Nike lebron 10 are especially fresh :D

Now how in the hell did these end up as number 8

Just the best there is... Hands down

Cool shoes for basketball

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12Nike SB Janoski

Its simple classy styles makes skateboarding look more amazing. They are mostly fashion shoes.

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13Nike FlyknitV2 Comments
14Nike Zoom
15Nike Air Max 2009V3 Comments
16Nike Air Max 2012

This is one of my all time favourite shoes.. Love this shoes, love this brand... The look is very empowering. I've purchased 5 different colours of these shoes. When I wears them I feel like I'm swimming in the clouds.
Top 10 Acc to me would be :

1. Nike Air Max 2012
2. Nike Air Max Tailwind 2010
3. Nike Air MAx 2009
4. Nike Air Max 2011
5. Nike Hyperdrunk
6. Nike Air MAx Griffey Fury
7. Nike Air Jordan
8. Nike Free Run 3
9. Nike Air Max Express
10. Nike Air Diamond Turf 2

What! At no.6 These are the best shoes of all time. They are so much beautiful. Must be number 1 or a better place. I love you nike.

Nike Airmax 2012 + Puma Ducati T-shirt + Levi's Jeans = Best dressing code.

Burn and stuff those airs they don't even last a month without a tear

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17Nike Air Diamond Turf II

I think these are the best shoes because there bulky, shiny, and got smoking colors!

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18Nike Air Max 95 360

Can't believe these are so low down this chart

There just so comfortable!

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19Nike Air Jordan Melo M10
20Nike Airmax 2011

So much good looking, superior design, very comfortable. I've bought a pair of GREEN & BLACK colour. They just looks amazing. Everyone looks at them when I wear them. Altough they price very high, but they makes for every penny.

Not even in top 3. This is the best shoes ever. Sleek design+Full comfort+Durability+Great looking+Nike = Best.

These shoes are the best shoes of the planet. Number 1 position is appericiate for these, so please vote these shoes. My next favuorite shoes will be "AIRMAX 2012" followed by airmax tailwind 2010.

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1. Nike Air Force 1
2. Nike Air Yeezy 2
3. Nike Air Jordan 1
1. Nike Air Jordan 1
2. Nike SB Janoski
3. Nike Zoom
1. Nike LeBron 11
2. Nike Hyperdunk
3. Nike Free Run 3



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