Top 10 Nike Shoes

August 4, 2015 - These include all types of shoes except cleats (futsal included). Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Nike Air Force 1
High, low or med they are all good.
They're simply the best shoes ever.
AWESOMNESS and you know what else is awesome that show called kickin it
[Newest]Black pair matches any outfit

2Nike Hyperdunk
The style of shoe is awesome I like this
Its an sick/awesome shoes
Best shoes ever no game when these shoes are in the floor
[Newest]Favorite shoes for basketball

3Nike Air Yeezy 2
I like Pears You Losers But I don't like pears get wrecked

4Nike Free Run 3
They are comfortable and lightweight
Best running shoes used. Chucked up Run 5 and use this one.
It's black and white
[Newest]Very light and perfect for my feet.

5Nike Air Jordan 1

6Nike Foamposite
By far the best form fitting shoe by Nike. Takes time to mold feet but when that happens they are amazing and stylish.

7Nike LeBron 10
Nike lebron 10 are especially fresh :D
Now how in the hell did these end up as number 8
Just the best there is... Hands down
[Newest]Cool shoes for basketball

8Nike Free 5.0
They are so awesome I just got a neon and black pair
Awesome shoes, my favourite nikes ever
Good shoes, good upgrade

9Nike LeBron 11

10Nike Air Max 90
Just a great shoe to wear whenever you want

The Contenders

11Nike Air Max 2009
The best air max by the years.

12Nike Air Max 2012
This is one of my all time favourite shoes.. Love this shoes, love this brand... The look is very empowering. I've purchased 5 different colours of these shoes. When I wears them I feel like I'm swimming in the clouds.
Top 10 Acc to me would be :

1. Nike Air Max 2012
2. Nike Air Max Tailwind 2010
3. Nike Air MAx 2009
4. Nike Air Max 2011
5. Nike Hyperdrunk
6. Nike Air MAx Griffey Fury
7. Nike Air Jordan
8. Nike Free Run 3
9. Nike Air Max Express
10. Nike Air Diamond Turf 2
What! At no.6 These are the best shoes of all time. They are so much beautiful. Must be number 1 or a better place. I love you nike.
Nike Airmax 2012 + Puma Ducati T-shirt + Levi's Jeans = Best dressing code.
[Newest]Look nice and good for gym

13Nike Air Diamond Turf II
I think these are the best shoes because there bulky, shiny, and got smoking colors!
The style is so cool, great traction.
These are one of my favorites
[Newest]Awesome shoes to show off

14Nike Roshe Run
Great running shoes and comfortable. & nice look
The comfiest shoes ever
I am getting them

15Nike Air Max 95 360
Can't believe these are so low down this chart
There just so comfortable!

16Nike Flyknit

17Nike Airmax 2011
So much good looking, superior design, very comfortable. I've bought a pair of GREEN & BLACK colour. They just looks amazing. Everyone looks at them when I wear them. Altough they price very high, but they makes for every penny.
Not even in top 3. This is the best shoes ever. Sleek design+Full comfort+Durability+Great looking+Nike = Best.
These shoes are the best shoes of the planet. Number 1 position is appericiate for these, so please vote these shoes. My next favuorite shoes will be "AIRMAX 2012" followed by airmax tailwind 2010.

18Nike Air Max Griffey Fury
The colors are cool and they fit heaps good!

19Nike Air Max Express
Cool casual shoes.

20Nike Lunarlon

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