Top Ten Best Nine Inch Nails Songs


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First song I heard from NIN And by god, I loved it :P Most Diff. Best song ever!
AOL called this the 2nd sexiest song ever?
I stand corrected..
This song took me to another planet... Also it would get me in almost any girls pants... Girls turn into raging animals when they hear this song.
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The breathtaking beat of the drums, the lack of instruments, the haunting vocals, the devestation of the lyrics, it is personally one of the best ways to end an album, a song that has beautiful in it's own way
I love trent reznor & marilyn manson, this song definitely deserves to be higher then the hand that feeds!
beauty is almost silent yet hearbreaking! I believe hurt is slow, very quiet yet very powerful
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3The Hand That Feeds
Is the perfect combination.
Trent Reznor's genius is summarized in this song
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I love Nine Inch Nails! The album, broken is one of my favorites of all time. I know it is not complexly written like the fragile or downward spiral, but the broken Nine inch nails is my favorite nine inch nails, and I think it is what Trent does best, and that every broken song should be here. I like them all equally. I am disappointed in the most recent NIN. I am happy for Trent for fixing 'the broken machine', but he has lost the NIN I love to a purely electronic monster in albums like year zero. I LOVE BROKEN!
BEST SONG EVEERR (the R bears repeating)
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5Head Like a Hole
This is the best nine inch nails song in my opinion. The sample doesn't have the chores.

" Bow down before the one you serve.
You're going to get what you deserve.
Bow down before the one you serve.
You're going to get what you deserve. "
Should be number 1. Great lyrics, great beat. This song is incredible.
To me this song is what make Trent Reznor who he is today in the music industry well this album I would say...
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6Every Day Is Exactly the Same
This song is amazing should be way higher than it is on this list also the background sound is really nice too
This song needs to at least be in the top 5 of this list. No other song can compare to its greatness. Its the perfect mix of rock with a little slow parts added on. I LOVE IT!
This piece literally gives me chills every time I hear it - it is a truly beautiful and unique song. We are so privileged to have Reznor making and sharing his music with the world.
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7Terrible Lie
Brilliant song with an epic ending.
This song is awesome, the beat is ridiculous
Its a commercial hit, unlike most of the top ten on this list
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8The Perfect Drug
Greatest NIN nails song ever, it's mind twisting, emotional, raw, I love it, and personally it got me through a lot of bad stuff
I wish this song was on one of the full length albums so I didn't have to pull it out as an individual track just to listen it's magnificence.
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Hands down the Best nine inch nails song! Vote for it! Epic lyrics and a tight beat, paired with trent's great voice.
One of the best songs of all time. Should be higher up on the list defidently. Best bass and drum line of all time

Makes me question my existence every time! Epic song, deserves to be in the top 5.
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10Right Where It Belongs
Such a powerful song with powerful lyrics. Trent Reznor is a lyrical genius. I don't listen to NIN much, but this song moves me every time I hear it.
"You can live in this illusion. You can choose to believe... "

This song just hits you like a ton of bricks and leaves you pondering after it has finished. It definitely has the best lyrics of any Nine Inch Nails song.
This song is amazing, there are few songs in existence that actually give me chills, this is one of those songs, absolutely fantastic.
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The Contenders

11March of the Pigs

This song gives you such a desire to just thrash about angrily, but in a happy way. It's aggressive and makes you feel on top of the world. The awkward time signature, pounding drums and general distorted feel all add to an amazing feeling overall.

My favorite off the album... Next to mr. Self destruct. This song s such an badass when played live..

This song sums up NIN, industrial music at its kicking best

12Something I Can Never Have
This is the best song I have heard so far
I dare you to listen to this and tell me it shouldn't be in the top 5.
My favourite sad song ever
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13Star****ers, inc.

14Into the Void Listen to sample

15The Becoming Listen to sample

16We're In This Together
This song is truly awesome... It should be at the top 10 at least... Everythings great right from the starting beats to the end...
This highlights Trent's incredible ability to pit quiet calm verses against huge mind-blowing choruses - YOU AND ME...
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17The Big Come Down Listen to sample

18Happiness in Slavery
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19And All That Could Have Been

Are you kidding me?

This is an easy top 3! Give it a listen please!

How Trent Reznor manages to impact so deeply with such simple lyrics is a thing to think about.
Awesome Lyrics!
Have listened to it on replay for hours and still not bored of it.

So peaceful for a song that carries such pain in its lyrics.
Hey, this is one of the best NIN songs.
Awesome lyrics; really soothing stuff!
Should definitely be in top 5!
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20Kinda I Want To Listen to sample

21Somewhat Damaged Listen to sample

22Sin Listen to sample

23Mr. Self Destruct Listen to sample

24Burn Listen to sample

I love this song... It's about everything
Listen to sample

I must have listened to echoplex about 500 times before I got bored of it!
Um... Why is this not in the top ten?
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27Came Back Haunted Listen to sample

28The Day the World Went Away Listen to sample

This song opens with a standard Nine Inch Nails drum track but really launches itself into a crescendo of power and emotion with the repetitive guitar and dancing piano, interspersed w Reznor's backing vocals and pleading chorus. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up.
This song is completely underrated deserves more recognition
This song is porn especially the live version
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30Capital G

This song is definitely my favorite. Has good beats and it's not super slow. Really good song. Vote!


Listen to sample

31Down In It
Because Dan from Gamegrumps referenced it haha
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32Copy of A
This song is flippen amazing!
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33A Warm Place
Has the same really quiet subtle depressing atmosphere as leaving hope (didn't check to see if that was on here) Honestly I could even seeing this going AFTER hurt on the downward spiral just cause its so beautiful
Not regarded as the best NIN song by any means, but it's undeniably the most important part of The Downward Spiral as an album.
Amazing to say the least. A very hopeful song in a dark album
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34Gave Up Listen to sample

Incredible sound matched with great lyrics. A perfect song in my opinion.
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36Love Is Not Enough Listen to sample

37The Great Below

Why no song from The Fragile? This is for me the best song they ever wrote, though I like a lot The Downward Spiral.

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38Just Like You Imagined
One of the most powerful instrumentals there ever is. An amazing combination of pain, anger and madness. Truly deserves top 10 ranking.
Are you crazy? 46? Your favorite is my worst =))
NIN instrumental song. Very powerful and beautiful
Listen to sample

39Leaving Hope Listen to sample

40Dead Soul Listen to sample

41Even Deeper Listen to sample


Has one of the best piano melodic parts at the end. Great lyrics. Based off of Charles Manson as is the entire downward spiral album. Trent Renoir is a genius and in piggy he shows off the industrial electrical rock he created.

Listen to sample

43The Wretched
My favorite thing about this is how awesome the piano line sounds right after The Frail. The beginning is amazing and continues to hold up.
Fantastic song, should be much higher! One of my favourites!
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Why the hell is this only at 45 it's such a catchy and in your face song and the lyrics make it a perfect rebellion kind of song
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45In This Twilight Listen to sample

46Zero Sum Listen to sample

47Slipping Away Listen to sample

48Deep Listen to sample

49Big Man With a Gun Listen to sample

50The Line Begins to Blur
This is definitely one of my favorites from "with teeth"
How can this not be one of the top twenty?!
My favorite song of all my life. Seriously.
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51The Fragile Listen to sample


53Everything Listen to sample

All I have to say is this song should be moved up at least in the top 20. If not then it should be in the top 15
The bass line is great. The moment you play this song makes you feel badass and you just want to slowly headbang like saying "i'm cool and you are not". Is it odd?
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55With Teeth Listen to sample

56La Mer
Although this song is only instrumental... It has a great beat throughout the song. The drums, bass and piano is what overwhelming when listening to this song
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57The Collector
Amazing chorus... The later piano is dark and very spooky. Definitely NIN style!
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58Find My Way Listen to sample

59Satellite Listen to sample

60Ringfinger Listen to sample

Metal is also a very unique song that should be on the top of this list
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62The Way Out Is Through Listen to sample

The metal performance is unbelievable.
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64Me, I'm Not Listen to sample

A lethal example of Reznor's creative brutality, anger, and innovative use of sounds. It's some seriously sinister stuff.
How the hell is this not in the top 5
Definitely should be higher on the list!
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