Top 10 Nintendo 64 Mario Games


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1Super Mario 64

This is the top 1 best game of all time, hands down. I especially love Shifting Sand Land and Snowman's Land. Oh yeah. Why is this list so underrated, by the way?

I love love love love love love love love love love love this game

Super Mario 64: 100+/20 ("Godly").

Mario Kart 64: 20+/20 ("Godly").

Paper Mario: 17/20 ("Great to Amazing").

Mario Party 2: 17/20 ("Great to Amazing").

Mario Party 3: 17/20 ("Great to Amazing").

Mario Golf: 17/20 ("Great to Amazing").

Mario Tennis: 17/20 ("Great to Amazing").

Mario Party: 17/20 ("Great to Amazing").

Dr. Mario 64: 20/20 ("Masterpiece").

Yoshi's Story: 17/20 ("Great to Amazing").

Super Smash Bros. : 50+/20 ("Godly").

Diddy Kong Racing: 20/20 ("Masterpiece").

Mario no Photopi: 19/20 ("Amazing to Masterpiece").

Coming soon on April 8th, the 15th Anniversary of Dr. Mario 64: Top Ten Reasons Why Dr. Mario 64 is Underrated.

2Paper Mario
3Mario Kart 64
4Mario Party 2
5Mario Party 3
6Mario Golf
7Mario Tennis
8Mario Party
9Dr. Mario 64
10Yoshi's Story

The Contenders

11Super Smash Bros.
12Diddy Kong Racing
13Mario No Photopi
14Donkey Kong 64
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1. Super Mario 64
2. Mario Kart 64
3. Paper Mario



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