Nintendo Consoles with the Best Menus


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1Nintendo 3DS

You can change how big the app icons are, how they looks, put in folders, and change the background theme! That's the best, right? (Yes.) - Mariomaster63

2Nintendo Wii

Classic, nostalgic, and easy to remember! - Mariomaster63

3Nintendo DS

It's not new, but I must admit, it still looks cool! - Mariomaster63

4Nintendo Gamecube

The purple lunchbox, also know as the Gamecube! The music in the background plays each note really slowly, which actually fits well with the menu screen. - Mariomaster63

5Nintendo Wii U

Brand new, but it doesn't seem like my cup of tea. It needs more lemon! - Mariomaster63

6Nintendo DSi
7Nintendo 64

All it shows is Mario goofing off, but it's funny too! - Mariomaster63

8Nintendo Famicom

The well remembered 17 note theme is very nostalgic! - Mariomaster63

9Nintendo 2DSV1 Comment
10Nintendo NX

It never showed the menu screen. So that's why it's on the bottom! (Until more info.) - Mariomaster63

The Contenders

11New Nintendo 3DS

This Probably Has An Even Better Menu Than The 3ds!, Even Though I Don't Have This System The New Nintendo 3DS, I Still Know How The Menu Looks Like, And You Can Change Backgrounds Better Than The Other 3DS Systems Too! - VideoGamefan5

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