Top Ten Nintendo Franchises

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Stick it to the king. Mario not only created a buzz in the game universe, but also made several cameos in other games, like Wrecking Crew. He's also been enjoyed by all ages, making him a fun and suitable game for everyone. Not to mention, his popularity created several spin-off series such as Mario Party.
Not only is Mario the top selling franchise in the most popular and wealthy companies in the world, he practically invented platforming. In other words, he created parkour, the classic "damsel in distress", and Nintendo itself. So, why not?
[Newest]Mario has so many games! 75% of my games are Mario! Mario games are cool. Please VOTE!

2The Legend of Zelda
With great characters and stories, Zelda has to be one of the best things to ever come out of Nintendo. Even without saying a word, Link has become one of the most beloved video game heroes. The world of the Legend of Zelda is yours to explore, not to mention the fun side quests. All the puzzles, items, dungeons, and basically everything caused me to COMPLETELY fall in love with this franchise. ALL HAIL PRINCESS Zelda!

The series is a masterpiece. Every time a new game comes out there are alwaya new mechanics, items, abilities, etc. To keep the game fresh and exciting. It's also made it's mark in gaming, being claimed as a standard for adventure games. Nintendo outworks itself on each game.
The series is incredible because of the adventures and puzzles that comes with this amazing series, while I do like Mario, Mario games never gave me much of a challenge as Zelda games did. Nintendo outdone themselves in this masterful series
[Newest]Zelda has great stories, characters, and incredible gameplay that will last for a long time and will never get old.

For me it's a tossup between Pokémon and Fire Emblem, but I think I'll go with Pokémon because of how big it has been throughout my entire life. Started watching the show when I was like 5, started collecting the cards at age 8, and I was maybe 10 when I first got my LeafGreen version and started getting into the games. What amazes me is how perfect the games are for all ages. When I was younger, I was a more casual player, and I had a ton of fun. Then when X and Y came out, I started caring about EV's and IV's and natures and strategies and whatnot. Building a team from the ground up and battling people all over the world jumpstarted my interest in Pokémon. There's something in it for young people who want something fun and innocent, but there are things in it for the veterans to explore once they get bored. And the show is still going strong, too. I recently started watching the show again on and it's just as great as ever, despite what the genwunners may tell U. So yeah, it's hard to top Pokémon. It's been going on for almost twenty years and it still hasn't died. Long live Pokémon!
Pokémon is a great RPG game. It features many different features throughout each game, and keeps the player busy with plenty of battles. Not only does the game feature an easy to use interface, but also has key features that make it fun. You catch your monsters, evolve them, and can give them certain abilities that work inside and outside of combat. They also play by an elemental play system, whereas fire types are weaker against water types, but are stronger against grass types. Normal is the neutral type. But, you know, gotta catch 'em all!
Pokemon is definitely my favorite franchise from Nintendo but I feel like it's popularity is going down I really wish it was as big as it was when it first came out everyone had Pokemon cards and would trade you and would have red or blue and you could battle but it's not really like that anymore oh well ^_^


[Newest]So many games. There is a reason for that

4Super Smash Bros.
A fun fighting game, Super Smash Bros. (SSB), is not your typical fighting game. Instead of the traditional health meter, Nintendo got creative. They used a number system to represent damage. The more damage you took, the farther you were knocked back on contact with enemy attacks. Fall too far out of the boundaries of the screen and you lose a life. However, the game still features blocking, attacka, and special moves. Items occasionally fall from the sky such as laser guns and shells. A very fun game, worth playing with your friends for fun or to just pass the time.
Super mash bros is better than Pokemon, Mario and legend of Zelda combined because that's what super smash bros is plus a bunch of other nintendo games
Definitely an awesome game. My favorites are: 1: smash bros 2: Pokemon 3: Mario 4: Legend of Zelda 5: Kirby. All good series.
[Newest]My childhood in a nutshell

Kirby is a different kind of game. It offers a unique way to play the game by copying what your enemies do. It's also been an influence to culture, turning up a few T.V. shows. It's quite a game, and definitely should be played through, as each of the games offer unique abilities and mechanics, adding to the overall feel of the game.
Kirby really portrays the innocence of nintendo. Maybe that is a bad thing (according to half of the Internet) but I think it really can show you a great world with true innovation because the lack of reality rips away the limits of what can be in each game.
This is my all time favorite series! It introduced my favorite character Marx, and it has beautiful music! I could keep talking but, I would never stop talking.
[Newest]Kirby is a charming and fun game that's overshadowed by his fellow franchises (such as Mario) way too much.

Starting from the mid-08s, Metroid is a unique game for one of a few main reasons - the protagonist is a female. Back in those days, game characters were mainly male. Not only that, but Metroid focuses on combat and agility, not to mention a few puzzles. The game keeps it lively by giving a huge world to explore along with suit upgrades, secrets, and power-ups to keep the game going.
Metroid is Top 3 in my opinion, Samus is the coolest female antagonist ever and the franchise as a whole Is very well received, if you don't believe me check out Super Metroid, and the Prime Trilogy

7Donkey Kong
One of Nintendo's earliest franchises, Donkey Kong was an arcade classic. It made it's way through a stopping point after the arcade gamr, but then came back with pleasing titles like Donkey Kong Country, And came back up on the line with gaming. There are great mechanics and interesting plots, which makes this series unique.

Pikmin is also my favorite Nintendo game. Pikmin 3 was the best. I love controlling the little creatures and you command them. A very underrated series and Nintendo please make Pikmin 4
Pikmin is so underrated. If you own a Wii u, get it for Christmas, or buy it right now, its amazing
In my opinion, the Pikmin series is the best series ever! What other game lets you help tiny little creatures survive? Not Mario, not The Legend of Zelda, and not Metroid.

9Fire Emblem
Great strategy gameplay. Serious, but amusing characters. And a story in each game that will blow you away.
Great strategy gameplay. Serious, but funny characters. And a story in each game that will blow you away.
Fire emblem is awesome

10Star Fox
Starfox brings a new feel to air-war games. It's mostly the same as any other air-raid game, but has that feel that Nintendo puts into all of it's games. The colorful levels, the characters... It all fits together to make a fun game. Definitely not your average fighter-jet game ( Or, in our case, Ar-wing)
Starfox is the best that's all you need to know (but I only wish they would make a new game not a remastered one)
Star Fox is one of my favorite games!

The Contenders

Is this technically part of the Mother series? This is a debatable topic, but EarthBound has generated a bounty so rich in comically tragic story lines, intriguing characters, outstanding music, incredible artwork and graphics, and influential events relative to the real world that it might as well be a series in itself! So many quotes have been developed into our culture (especially "Fuzzy Pickles"), and who among those who have played this game haven't sometime or other screamed at Porky through the screen? It may not (or ever) be Nintendo's most iconic game, but I believe it should be in the Top Ten!
All three games are unbelievable. From difficult gameplay in Mother 1, to the wonderful story told in Mother 3. When you put all three games together, you have one giant story, which is truly the best Video Game trilogy EVER
The best Nintendo (Hal Laboratory) franchise ever made, it's simple a bunch of lovely characters, many funny moments and weirds moments to. This is what made this game o special

12Animal Crossing
If this game was on the Wii U, the console itself would be worth buying. Animal crossing all the way.
One of nintendo's best franchises and you never run out of stuff to do.
You can do a lot of stuff and its so addicting

13Mario Kart
A spin-off to the Mario series, Mario Kart focuses on cart-based racing. The game itself is simple, fun, and addicting. Simply race three laps around a course using a character of your choice while collecting and using power-ups to aid you. These come in passive abilities, such as a speed boost or invulnerability, and offensive abilities, such as fake power-up box traps and shells to spin out your oppopnent for a second. The game is very unique for a racing game, and contains several unlockables. Worth taking for a drive.
This is the best racing game around and it shows it by selling millions of copies.
Mario Kart is part of Nintendo's secondary franchises.

14Kid Icarus

15Luigi's Mansion
An amazing action-adventure game involving everyone's favorite plumber in green, Luigi!
I love luigis mansion I have the second but I'm going to get the first one

Not your everyday boxing game. And definitely beats wii sports boxing by a long shot!
I have so many amazing memories of my dad teaching me how to play. The games are also pretty great.


One of the fastest and the best racing games of all time.
P.S. ace Attorney and professor layton aren't nintendo franchises
It brought in Captain Falcon, and the Falcon Punch.

18Mario Party
Grab some friends and play some Mario Party! Another spin-off of the Mario series, Mario Party really sets a standard for multiplayer mini-game compilations. Mario Party features bright enviroments, interesting gameplay, and TONS of mini-games. This game definitely is a game to try out.

19Golden Sun
Honestly one of the most in depth story lines I. A game ever. The gameplay is so much fun and you grow attached to the characters. Love the whole series from start to finish and hope for another title soon
Nintendo's other JRPG franchise. A gem that is overlooked, it has many critically acclaimed games and has even made a cameo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl with the character Isaac.

20Wii Series

21Yoshi's Island

22Wario Land
May not be the most popular of nintendo franchises but he does have some great games here and there. My personal favorite game from Wario is WarioWare: Smooth Moves.It's a hilarious game and great for parties

I voted for WarioWare mainly because I feel as though it is underrated. The cast is very unique and has a lot of personality compared to the cast of most of Nintendo games. It invented micro-games, which are a blast to play. It brought forth a more crude humor that most other Nintendo games don't have either. I've enjoyed playing every WarioWare game I have played (which is pretty much all of the main series games with the exception of Twisted. Overall a great franchise.

24Paper Mario


26Mega Man
It Seems Nintendo or any company for that matter no longer makes Mega Man game's I just had to put this on here because this is where mega man's roots are and let's face it the original one through 10 series is the best not the X series
Love mega man it needs a new game ( I'm aware there was a game 7 years ago)

27Eternal Darkness

28Ice Climber

A strategy game similar to Fire Emblem in it's turn-based formula, it has you commanding large amount of troops in varies different battles.

30Balloon Fight

31Dillon's Rolling Western

32Clu Clu Land

33Wrecking Crew

Of course, some of the games in this series were not published by Nintendo but aside from that, it's still an awesome rpg franchise. Xenoblade Chronicles in particular is the one I would recommend if you like long rpg game.
Oh yes awesome series

35Steel Diver
Never played the first one, but I'd recommend downloading Sub Wars from the eShop and trying it out. Pretty amazing for a free game.


37Brain Age

38The Legend of Starfy
Love starfy and the franchise too
Most underrated game series EVER

This game feels like Nintendo's response to all those ipad games. It's great if you have a few minutes and want to solve a few puzzles. Original and entertaining.

40Rusty's Real Deal Baseball

41The Wonderful 101
Comedic Super Heroes Against An Almost-Omnipotent Race Of Aliens From Another Dimension! Very Interesting!

42Wave Race

43Rhythm Heaven

44Style Savvy

45Big Brain Academy




49Wii Fit

50Mario & Luigi

51Wii Sports

52Ace Attorney
Sorry honey, but this isn't a Nintendo franchise
Yes, but that doesn't make it a Nintendo developed game.


53Professor Layton
Professor Layton was an incredible take on the idea of a puzzle game, introducing unique and relatable characters, point-and-click style gameplay, and a stellar soundtrack. It caught the imaginations of casual players and introduced many to a world of new stories to experience.


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