Top Ten Nintendo Heroes That Should Team Up


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1Mario and Link

These two are my 2 favorite Nintendo characters! They would make the perfect team. And if Bowser and ganondorf team up, then so will The Italian Plumber and the Hero of Hyrule! - nintendofan126

Gotta put those two TOGETHER. But NOT like brawl. I know this sounds terrible but make Link Kart 9 or The Legend of Mario.

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2Kirby and Yoshi

They both like to eat, and can Digest almost anything. They would make a great team! - nintendofan126

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3Captain Falcon and Samus AranV1 Comment
4Peach and Zelda

They both get kidnapped, they're both rescued by heroes, and they're both Princess's. They have a lot in common. - nintendofan126

Zelda is cool in games peach sucks

5Fox and NessV1 Comment
6Diddy Kong and Pikachu

They don't really have much in common, but that doesn't mean they can't team up. - nintendofan126

7Luigi and Falco

Falco, be a douche bag. Luigi try to learn. - MrQuaz680

8Robin and Rosalina

I hate rosalina so much with a burning passion I'm neutral to robin

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9Lucas and Villager
10Donkey Kong and Charizard

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?Sans and Ness
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The Contenders

11Ike and Robin
12Yoshi and Pikachu
13Fox McCloud and Ike
14Samus Aran and Lucina
15Luigi and Marth
16Link and Meta Knight
17Quote and Mega Man
18Mario and Kirby
19Luigi and Roy
20Shulk and Ike
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1. Mario and Link
2. Kirby and Yoshi
3. Captain Falcon and Samus Aran



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