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Garchomp is honestly the best Pokemon I've ever used. Raised one in platinum from a Gabite to a now level 70 Garchomp. It has amazing speed so I can always count on it attacking first in most situations, has excellent stats, and an amazing move set. It also is one of the most bad ass looking Pokemon out there. I love Dragonite so much but it seemed like Garchomp was more powerful. I had both on my team and my Garchomp would get me through whatever my Dragonite couldn't even though they were either the same or two levels apart.

Garchomp is my all time favorite pokemon. Before Garchomp came along into the Pokemon franchise, I really didn't have a favorite pokemon. I fell in love with Garchomp at first sight. Garchomp will always be my favorite pokemon. If the world of pokemon was real I would do anything to get my own Garchomp.

Garchomp is a shark-like dragon that flies at mach speeds... What more do you need? It's moveset is straight forward, always let it know earthquake and swords dance. Can go with dragon claw or dragon rush depending on if you want the accuracy of dragon claw or extra damage of dragon rush. It's speed allows it to move before many other Pokémon so it's a natural sweep for any team. It's one of the most fun dragons to train in my opinion.

Sorry I wrote I actually it is it

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My most powerful pokemon in my team is my dragonite. I also like the fact that he still learns moves at high level such as hyper beam and hurricane so you never get bored of the moves your dragonite knows. I agree that he does have higher stats some legendaries. Also he has a cool desgin and can learn HM's like surf, strength and fly. Garchomp may be immune to electric type attacks and great speed but the best move it can learn without a consequence is dragon rush! Dragonites is huricane. But my absolute favourite thing about dragonite is his movepool!

Dragonite definitely. Has stats better than some legendary pokemon. It always scares me whenever had to challenge Lance, because of dragonites (unless I have an ice type pokemon)

Dragonite is my Favourite Pokemon because he is most powerful pseudo legendary. Dragonite is dragon and flying type Pokemon but it also learn moves of fire, water and thunder AND WHEN DRAGONAIR EVOLVING INTO DRAGONITE

Dragonite should be at the top. - EpicJake

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Hydreigon is an amazing Dragon type Pokemon wherever you R.In the card game, in the video game. But let me get this straight, HYDREIGON IS A BOSS.

He is ver amazing can take out anyone with a big punch in their mouth. He us unstoppable my hydre learned

Dragon claw
Outrage and much more

He is too cool

Never used before but plan to in pokemon Y. Love his design and type is very unique. 3 heads are better than 1.

Hydreigon beat my brother's Flygon, which is at level 100 and has perfect stats. This dude can do it all! Too bad it needs to be level 64 for it to evolve. Wait a minute... How come Ghetsis's Hydreigon is level 54?

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My Salamance is almost a level 100, 15 more levels! He can kick anyone's butt, and we have been through a lot together. Actually, my cousin who has soul silver (I have Heartgold) used a cheat to catch lance's salamence and traded it to me. I don't use cheats but sometimes he lets me have some of his extra pokemon from cheats. Anyways, salamence is my strongest dragon type and I beat everything with him and Typhlosion. Usually in double battles with them I use earthquake and it doesn't effect salamence so it's perfect!

Is my favourite pokemon, has been since I first set eyes on it, and it's been on all of my games, from emerald, to diamond, platinum, heart gold, white, and black 2, and of course I'm gonna use him in X. Over all a beast, great power, and speed, a brilliant sweeper. Brilliant over all, if you ask me.

I think Salamence is just as good and or better than Dragonite. Can do everything that Dragonite, probably better too, lighter than Dragonite, making him faster, not faster than Flygon, if Charizard was a dragon, I would consider him, but I will go with Salamence, for his swift looks, power, and has been one of my greatest dragon pokemon.

I love the design and the mega for this thing!

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Being pure dragon in its final stage makes Haxorus only weak to two types (before 6th gen. ) both of which he can cover. The one I trained knew:
Dual chop (signature move)
Dragon dance
Brick break (against both steel and ice)
Outrage (try to save until the end, so you don't kill yourself in confusion)

Its stats are lower than the top dragons but his attack and speed can surpass them which can make the difference up.

Haxorus goes from one of the cutest dragon types to an ultimate badass! I had one in my team while playing X and Y and it kicked all kinds of Poke-booty. His attack stat is super powerful, all in all one of the best Pokemon to come out of the 5th gen.

This should be 1 dragonite sucks like puke

A beast would beat any dragon on this list hands down!

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Flygon is one of the best pokemon you can have teamed with salmance. I recommend raising him because his stats are high and his moves are unbelievable

How can you beat a Pokemon that is both Dragon and Ground? Generation I doesn't have much cool ground Pokemon so Flygon got me a ground Pokemon and a dragon Pokemon!

Before gen V, Flygon was the only dragon with Fly not to be weak to kids throwing rocks. After gen V, Flygon is still the only pokemon here with an OHKO move (Fissure, must be breed 2 level 100 Trapinch. Come on guy, I only went through the Sinnoh Elite Four 14 times to get the lovebugs up there). Has a nice balance of attack and special attack, and looks like a dragonfly, what's not to like?

Talk about a weird combination ground and flying

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Kingdra is one of the best dragon-type of all times. With only one weakness, you can make him a killing machine against other Pokemon as well as dragon-types!

Kingdra is 7? He is like a total beast, I mean face if you are seeing a seahorse with a crown while you are swimming, then you better hope its not mad

Hum, why so low? That thing rocks! It has only one weakness!

Drake of the elite four's top Pokemon and took me forever to defeat.

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Awesome speed, considerable special attack, and not too bad on physical and special defense. The only thing which lacks a bit may be physical attack, as with a favorable nature it stills "low". Even like that, I think this Pokemon looks AWESOME and is definitely going to my team ( already training ).

When I first saw this Pokemon's art I REALLY liked it. And thank Wonder trade for getting me a noibat I could easily evolve into a Noivern earlier on in game. Nice ton' there, The Thief! (That's its name)... Best bat Pokemon there is. - MamaLuigi

Noivern can be overkill if it could learn dragon dance but it is still great good stats too.

One of my favorite dragon type Pokemon

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Goodra has to be my favorite dragon type next to Flygon, and NO ONE expected to see a little slime ball that probably should have been poison to be a dragon! That's why I love it so much.

This Pokemon is amazing it is strong in defensive stats and its offense isn't bad.

My favorite (possibly only) from the type I hate most

Dragon pulse will not kill

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Why is he twelve his attack and defense are great! I have him on why and at level 45 he's more of a tank than my level 49 blastoise!

He's T Rex no doubt my favorite plus his defense really isn't all that bad.

If Pokémon were real, he would be the best to ride into battle. Hands down.

Why is Tyrantrum so great? he's a dinosaur. And dinosaurs are AWESOME😀😀😀😀

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So elegant! I love Altaria! It's cute, strong, and gorgeous! How is it all the way at the bottom #9? We have to give it a boost! Obviously altaria is the best

I like the combination of strong and beautiful that Altaria possesses. The fact it can mega-evolve into a hybrid of Dragon and Fairy types is an excellent bonus.

Adorable, awesome, cute, elegant. What else? Incredibly strong. This boss kicks ass and totally deserves a rank 5 or higher.

I used altaria in oras and once it evolves it sweeps EVERYTHING elite four GONE

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The reason this is not high up is because dragonite is on the list. :P - itz_izzy

Why is this pokemon so low down. It's better than zwelious. Look at it's evolution. He's a butt kicker. And by the way, why is torterra 11th :-) not even a dragon type laugh out loud.
Also by the way whats with kingdra lower than zwielous:(


Its shape is awesome. It is quite strong and difficult to beat. Just check out its ability and be amazed. Capture this Pokemon in black 2. It is the best, awesome, surprising, cool & elegant

Weakest dragon type Pokemon in stats but strong

HE can learn draco meteor and kill stuff!

Rocky helmet +rough skin=you die

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My favourite Pokemon. Period.


It has many resistances and has great type coverage. Even though it is slow, it will do very great in a trick room team.

Please vote for him poison is good against fairy at least and has many negative status affects

It typing is so cool.


Why? Not Dragon, his mega isn't either.

His mega looks like a giant shrimp. I shiny mega looks like a giant lobster. No. Just... No... - ThunderdrumsRule


Uh... This list is top 10 NON legendary Dragon types.

Defeated all the elite four with just zekrom! Cool and awesome best ever. ROCKS THIS CITY! WICKED

Zekrom is seriously overlooked.


He's fabulous. Your argument is invalid because of his adorable face.

Why isn't Goomy here? He's got a Clicker game named after him and evolves int one of the best Pseudo-Legendaries


Fraxure is wayy better than Zweilous and Noivern. Torterra shouldn't even be on this list considering the fact that he/she is not dragon type - he is grass ground type but not dragon


He's amazing why not vote for it

You don't care about Axew well AXE YOU

They are adorable and evolve into death haxourus.

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