Top Ten Non-legendary Dragon Pokemon

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Fraxure is wayy better than Zweilous and Noivern. Torterra shouldn't even be on this list considering the fact that he/she is not dragon type - he is grass ground type but not dragon

22Mega Sceptile

Why is this dead last? It can sweep through half the pokes on this list! It is so good!

He is a beast and savage; just look at his Christmas tree tail which is also a rocket launcher the tree tail being the rocket. Let's take this beast to the top

Mega Sceptile can one shot every damn Pokemon on this list with dragon pulse (except altaria).

Mega Sceptile could one-hit almost every Pokemon on this list. He should at least be top 3/

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He is far better than Zekrom. Reshiram has better moves than FAT OLD ZEKROM! Reshiram is as good as Dragonite!

Zekrom and reshirm are resiest because of Pokemon black and white it sounds like they are talking about a white man and a black man

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It owns everything in its path and I'm pretty sure it's a water type too

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25FeebasV3 Comments

He's ice and dragon plus he just demolished for me I thing it's ability is pressure and it is a great ability

I always thought that his evolvtion makes him the strongest Pokemon but it doesent but it goes to level 105 so that is insane why Pokemon why ;(

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Eevee is a normal type and can evolve into either a water, electric, fire, ice, grass, dark, psychic or fairy type.

Eevee is the best dragon type Pokemon because he can one shot any Pokemon on this list. No one thinks he is dragon even though he is. Trust me I'm a scientist.

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28ClefairyV1 Comment

He is a beast. He looks cool, has high attack, high defense, mega evolution, 8 type resist, poison immune, and only fire effective against him,. He is one of my favourite pokemon. - MadVice

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30Mega Ampharos
31BagonV1 Comment

Very powerful! Could even defeat the elite 4 just with it!

I think she's also a legendary so she can't be on this list


He's a legendary. So he can't be in this list. If he wasn't a legendary, then he would rank #1. And that's just his 50% form. If we included his 100% form he would be #1 by over 100 times! His stats are outrageously massive and would overpower everything.

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It's the smallest form of hydreigon its dragon type and its bite attack can't say


I know it is not a dragon type Pokemon but it is a dragon egg group Pokemon plus it can learn most dragon type moves plus it is so gorgious it has a really good attack stat and it levels up fast


He is my favorite Pokemon. I don't know why exactly, but he's awesome.

I can think of many great dragon types salemance, dragonite, flygon, gar chomp but gible isn't one of them. But everyone should look forward to getting his evolution

He has a big mouth when he is little and he is ugly when he is a grone up lol

38PokemonPokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.V2 Comments
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