Top Ten Non-Legendary Fire Type Pokemon Moves


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1Blast Burn

My Emboar, Blaziken, Typhlosion, and Infernape are already beast but add Blast Burn and they are invincible. - hawlucha97

Well ya of course it's an ultimate move (You will get the "the ultimate move thing" if you have read the manga

My charizard can defeat any Pokemon by just using this move 1-2 times. Even those Pokemon who have double resistance to fire take a lot damage from it.

Blast Burn is Powerful but My Charizard have to recharge for a turn. It's cool and awesome too

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2Flame Thrower

It's at number 3? Flamethrower is a staple move for all fire types! Blast Burn sucks, some of the best starter fires are physical sweepers, the recharge time is NOT worth it, and to top it all off, it only works with starter fire types, limiting it to just 6 Pokemon! BLAST BURN SUCKS, I DON'T CARE WHAT IT'S BASE POWER IS. You get almost the same thing from Overheat, only it has a much bigger selection, the recoil can be brushed off if you switch, and it ACTUALLY HAS A CHANCE TO BURN YOUR OPPONENT, UNLIKE BLAST BURN.

Seriously... Blast burn sucks. Same with hydro cannon and leaf frenzy.

Flamethrower is the best because it never misses and still has strong power. Look at the best grass type and best water type list. Leaf Blade and Surf are number one even though they aren't always the most powerful. A combination of accuracy and power is the best. Flamethrower is the best fire type move.

Blast Burn might be strong, but it needs to recharge. Flamethrower might not have that much power as Blast Burn, but it has good accuracy, and if your Pokemon are the fire type, it will get a STAB bonus, making Flamethrower 190 power!

Is Flamethrower good against water type?

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3Flare Blitz

Probably the best physical fire move ever it's a beast move and tons of fire types can learn it! The base power is 120 and its 100 percent accuracy! Good job game freak!

This is good for fire types with high attack such as emboar

Mighty power that will fry the balls

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4Over Heat

Very good move, powerful and hits both Pokemon.

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5Blaze Kick

It looks just epic. The leg's on fire. - poke123

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6Fire Blast

It has 120 attack power its very powerful

This move is so strong and cool and it looks AMAZING!

Fire blast should be 1. Blast burn causes recharge. I mean really

This move can burn EVERYTHING!

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7Flame Burst

Flame burst can destroy a anything

8Fire Fang

My arcanine has this move... while it's not that powerful, it has a small chance to make the opponent flinch and/or burn

All of the biting moves are great. Like crunch and poison fang

One bite of heat must be frightening

All I know that Charizard has the move fire fang

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9Fiery Dance

Volcarona isn't a legendary. And Fiery Dance is epic.

50% chance to raise Special Attack, it is basically a more powerful Charge Beam.

Fiery dance is a simple move. You use it and it has a %50 of raising your Sp. Attack, deadly isn't it?

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10Flame Wheel

I have this move on one of my Pokemon. it is helpful. And there is 20 times you can use it.

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It's legendary since it's a Victini move

Greatest Pokemon fire type move ever

It is the best fire type move. It must be first.

The power created better know that if it's good

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12Blue Flare

Such a strong move. It will rock you like a hurricane!

My typhlosion will kill anyone with it

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14Heat WaveV3 Comments
15Dragon Rage

This is a dragon type move. What is this doing here?

It is a dragon type move but if put in the list it should be first

Is this a dragon type because Charizard isn't one and he learns it I'm comfused

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17Will-O-WispV1 Comment

Does ember mostly powerful when it's like a charmander

The weakest fire type move of them all. ;3

19Fire SpinV2 Comments
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