Top Ten Best Non-legendary Sinnoh Pokemon


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The Top Ten

Woot woot everybody now, woot woot LUCARIO KICKS BUTT!
I have had hundereds of pokemon and he just stood out as a physical special and speed Sweeper. One of my favorites.
This thing is a beast! It took down my lv 60 Gyrados with one arora spear at just lv 61 and arora spear is a fighting move, and Gyrados is a flying and water type, so arora spear is un-effective against Gyrados, because it is a flying type so VOTE FOR HIM! HE KICKS BUTT!
[Newest]He is pure kick butt I named mine power
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I admire Infernape especially Ash's Infernape becuase he looks like Sun Wukong from the Journey to the West legend. In the Sinnoh anime as a Chimchar he didn't have a great start in life whatsoever especially his time as Paul's Pokemon, the poor little guy was treated by Paul even from his teammates. When Chimchar lost in a tournament Paul released him still injured but Ash stepped in and took Chimchar as his new Pokemon friend. Ash really did took the time, paitence and understanding for Chimchar, Chimchar worked hard to control his awesome powers as well as his dark side, evoled into Monferno then finally Infernape. Infernape became Ash's powerhouse and loyal true friend. I would like an Infernape to be my Pokemon friend too.
I have a lv 100 infernape that with flame wheel, yes a weaker attack that blast burn flare blitz and close combat wich are my moves, owes cynthias lucaria with earthquak with a i-hit ko so beat that, lucario is stilll amazingly awesome though I have lv 100 on other game with cheat tortera zubat last evolution xray electric dude starapter withough close combat cuse I let it evolve later torterra and I thinkk thats it
I have an Infernape and he/she can learn amazingly awesome strong moves like close combat and dig and even grass not (and to many good fire moves to count). My favorite part about Infernape is that he/she can learn so many different types of moves. GO INFERNAPE. YOU ROCK.
[Newest]Epic Pokemon. A fire beast with one of the strongest moves and speed. He might not be better then lucario but his strength is limitless especially with blaze.

Hello? Dragons are champions
Garchomp is my favorite pokemon plus he's the champions partner
My lv89 garchomp can crush any pokemon except for arceus
I trained one from level one to level one hundred, it has an amazing move pool and an overall amazing stat range, I think everyone should own one of these amazing pokemon for themselves.
[Newest]Garchomp should be at the top... enough said

You just can't stop torterra. Even through earlier stages (turtwig, Grotel) the still lead the pack through gym battles and other challenges. Torterra has an amazing attack and defense, which proves that he is a force to be messes with. The moves torterra can learn and use are the best moves around, earthquake, synthesis, wood hammer, frenzy plant, and leaf storm. Those are the best grass type and ground type moves around. Another good thing about this is that torterra is the evolved version of a starter, so you get him early on.
Torterra is the best, and definitely better than Lucario. Here's a story one time right after my grotle evolved and learned earthquake my friend challenged me to a 1 vs. 6 fight against his lv. 43 Lucario ( my team was all 32 or below). I accepted and wanted to see Torterra in action so I sent him out first. Lucario used dig and Torterra used earthquake which beat Lucario in 1 hit with no critical.
My first pokemon ever in history who is easiy over looked but is awesome and pwns everything even arceus bows down to him stab earthquake


[Newest]His defense is extremely high against other Pokemon. Leading to an equally balanced battle. As well as this, if you really try hard to up his levels, say to level 50, it would be a whole lot easier to defeat the trio.

Once you train empoleon with great moves and get it to a high level, heck, even if you don't, empoleon is a great fighter. Becasue it's steel and water gives it great defense. If your looking for a great starter Pokemon, Empoleon all the way!
My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Pearl Version. When I saw the 3 starters I instantly fell in love with Piplup. I loved everything about him. I wasn't to keen on Prinplup, but when he got to level 36, I cried with happiness! I was so proud to have a badass water-steel type in my possession. I was so happy that about 7 years later, I got another pearl version, and bred my own special amazing Iv's Empoleon. Plus, it was the first Pokemon I ever levelled up to 100.
EPIC DOMINATION, HEY EMPOLEON TELL magikarp TO JUMP OFF A CLIFF BECAUSE HE SUCKS. HEY BETTER YET PUSH HIM OFF. My point is that empoleon is a boss and can dominate the champ with one awesome move! BOOM MAGIKARP you can't even do that in your dreams!
[Newest]Best Pokemon Ever. Love him.

HE IS A BEAST ELECTRIC TYPE. My luxray and torterra were my favorite Pokemon in Pearl. My luxray was amazing. He could sweep the whole elite four.
There hasn't been a strong electric type for a while and Luxray came and filled the position. And getting him early in the game means you can create a bond with it and love it even more. GO LUXRAY!
Come on are you all joking luxray is a blood thirst monster luxray is better than staraptor, empoleon, torterra, infernape, garchomp and even lucario come on hi deserves to be TOP 1 PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM
[Newest]I don't think so. Lucario is my #1 favorite Pokemon and he is awesome.

Come on. This thing can learn Close Combat! If I recall, most if not all of the other Pokemon on this list can't. This isn't even a fighting type!
I don't understand why it isn't number 1 I mean really
It has some of the best speed ın sinnog and plus its just freakıng AWESOME jeez I can't explain how cool it ıs!
A beastly flying type that can learn some fighting type moves as well such as close combat. He is quick, extremely quick in fact. His/Her speed stat is worthy of a medal and it's attack stat is something special, it can also fly you across the nation. Have him in my team. Insane Pokémon.
[Newest]My favorite basic bird Pokemon

Weavile is my favourite Pokemon by far! Weavile not only have a VERY high speed stay, but great attack! So give weavile brick break, his speed will make him go first in a battle, and one shot from brick break should clean house in every battle!
Weavile is a real Dragon slayer! Sporting speed greater than Garchomp, learning Ice type moves that get STAB and having fantastic attack, your opponent's Garchomp will quickly go down for the count!
Aside from deoxys is the best physical sweeper


[Newest]Weavile can be taken out by a Mach Punch. When your favorite Pokemon can be taken out by a 40 base damage move, you should probably reconsider this crappy Pokemon.

He is not. PERIOD. Man U people do not know anything about Lucario. I would tell Lucario to push Electivire off Mount Everest and make Electivire fall in a pool of lava.
No need to explain. he's BETTER THAN LUCARIO! Lucario s a rip off of Mewtwo (lucario fans ask The Lord for forgiveness)
Electivire is good with Fire Punch, Ice punch, Thunder punch and Cross chop!
[Newest]Awesome is what electivire is but not better than lucario sorry

Ground and flying, can't beat it.
1 it looks awesome
2 with sandveil, it can be one of the best defensive Pokemon in the game
3 its typing makes it immune to both electric and ground attacks

The Contenders

has the highest non-legendary attack stat


It's shiny form makes it one of the most epic looking Pokemon of all time. And it's really good with a choice scarf.
Rampardos is a complete boss. His huge attack makes up for his defense. I got a skull fossil in Pokemon black 2 and trained it from level 25-100 in a day at white treehollow. RAMPARDOS FOR THE WIN!

COME ON 56th PLACE! IT HAS ARM CANNONS AND WILL INCINERATE EVERYTHING! And it has a base stat total of 540, which is pretty damn good.
The best I mean the bazooka Pokemon that's pretty darn awesome
Nice ice cream head

Dragonite rocks
It is the best non-legendary Pokemon in the world
I bet you
Amazing. He can learn fire type moves, water type moves, and electric type moves. He isn't even any of those types!
Dragonite isn't from sinnoh -_- But he's still cool :3

One of the best designs I have ever seen. There is just something about some pokemon that makes you fall in love with it just by looking at it. His stats are way above average and he has a very decent move pool.
Gallade is better than Lucario, but not by much. Lucario can defeat a foe before they even have a chance to react, but Gallade is effective against more types and has less weaknesses. Other than that they are basically the same.
Gallade is a pokemon featured in sinnoh. Quite awesome as a fighting and psychic
[Newest]Awesomeness is in Gallade

Charizard is not a Pokemon from sinnoh. I think it has to be the most overrated Pokemon in all of Pokemon history.
He's not a sinnoh Pokemon but he's a BEAST
Get this horrid thing off this list!

I can never get past wood hammer... :/

This from johto look it up
Super bulky plus great for setting up. It is probably one of the best pseudo legendary Pokemon

Spritomb is awesome! However, you CAN pull super effective hits on spritomb like this:
1. Use foresight or odour sleuth on it
2. Use a fighting type move.
Alternatively, if playing generation 6, use a fairy type move.
Also, the sinnoh starters are kind of out of whack, read this:
Torrterra beats infernape by infernape using flare blitz or something simmular by torrterra CANtake a hit and OHKO infernape by using earthquake due to torrterra having decent AT and STAB and infernape's relatively low defense.
Infernape beats empoleon due to infernape moving first and using an OP close combat and another OHKO because of infernape's very high AT and STAB.
Finally empoleon beats torrterra because empoleon can learn ice beam delivering a 4x super effective hit
Yeah welcome to gen 6 Spiritomb. Hope you had a nice time at the top
Spiritomb is such a beast!
Dark pulse
Shadow ball
Energy ball

Mamoswine truly is a beast. No doubt about it.

Rhyperior should be higher, he has STAB Stone Edge, Earthquake, and a really high physical defense.
It kills and it don't dies... doesn't get any better than that

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