Top 10 Non-Single Eminem Songs

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21 Desperation Desperation
22 White America White America
23 Drug Ballad Drug Ballad
24 Legacy Legacy
25 Stay Wide Awake Stay Wide Awake
26 Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road

What is wrong with you. Needs to definitely be in the top 10. It has such a fantastic beat to it. It is also very inspirational. You will be hooked the first few times you listen to it, and forever after that.

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27 I'm Back I'm Back

Great lyrically and really exemplifies the Slim Shady persona. Definitely should be in the top 10 non-single Em tracks

You kidding? This is my third favorite Eminem song of all time, and it's down here? - cachu

If the real slim shady wasnt the first single I'm back would be in that spot - burningninja06

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28 Evil Twin Evil Twin
29 Under the Influence Under the Influence
30 Criminal Criminal

Why is this so low? One of the best songs by Em

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31 Seduction Seduction
32 Love Game Love Game

This song is fantastic and hilarious! Em tells a great story, Kendrick tops that, then Em tops THAT!

33 Public Enemy #1 Public Enemy #1
34 Stronger Than I Was Stronger Than I Was

Very soft, also great attempt at singing from Eminem - Hotheart123

Focuses on Eminem and Kim divorcing

35 Remember Me Remember Me
36 Bully

The greatest song in Eminem's entire discography. I heard THIS song being played at a ride in a theme park. What the heck? Lmao.

37 Monster Monster

This song deserves to be in first 3.

Oh my god! This is a single.

This is a single - burningninja06

38 My Mom My Mom
39 Won't Back Down Won't Back Down


40 Welcome 2 Detroit Welcome 2 Detroit

You should hear this song, talks about Detroit and troubles and is a very catchy.

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