Top Ten Non-Singles from Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted

In 2009, Kelly Clarkson released her 4th studio album All I Ever Wanted. Unlike her prior 3 records, this album had a wide range of genres incorporated within her usual pop rock style. This is the way I would rank 10 of the 11 songs not released as singles (excluding the Japan-only track "Can We Go Back").

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1If I Can't Have You

Wow. This is kind of a random list to be featured. - phillysports

I have noo clue why this wasn't a single! It's perfectly catchy, it's danceable, it's relatable, and it's Kelly's first foray into synthpop. Better choice for single than "I Do Not Hook Up," "Cry" or even "All I Ever Wanted." - theOpinionatedOne

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2The Day We Fell Apart

There's something irresistible about this song. It doesn't snag you at first but then when that chorus hits you, you're hooked! - theOpinionatedOne

3Tip of My Tongue

This is one of the prime examples of Kelly's exploration of different styles on All I Ever Wanted. Here, Kelly tries out an odd but surprisingly effective brand of electro-R&B that leaves you wanting more. - theOpinionatedOne

4Save You

This is a rather unremarkable song until you come to the bridge where a classical (Bach, to be specific) inspired piano break is heard. It has enough weight to make the song stand out among the album. - theOpinionatedOne


There's like a country-meets-Motown vibe in this song that I really love. - theOpinionatedOne


Kelly mainly stays in her usual comfort zone of pop rock on this song, sparing a whizzing keyboard that underscores most of it. - theOpinionatedOne

7Don't Let Me Stop You

This one comes off as rather "sterile" to me. It's catchy and Kelly owns it, but there's very little that grabs the attention of the listener. There's not much distinction between this and hits like "Behind These Hazel Eyes" and "Walk Away." - theOpinionatedOne

This is one of my fave Songs she ever did! - Curti2594


Now this is something I think everyone had been waiting for! We all knew Kelly had punk rock in her, she'd been hinting at it on songs like "Behind These Hazel Eyes" and "One Minute" but finally unleashed it full force on this Aranda cover. The vocal is perfect for the song and it's a rather impressive snapshot in Kelly's history but not anything you'd want to listen to on repeat. - theOpinionatedOne

9If No One Will ListenV1 Comment
10Long Shot

Katy Perry should have just kept it for herself. Kelly can do better than this. - theOpinionatedOne

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