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21 Wheel Cat

Can roll in the sky and crush all enemy's in 1 hit

22 Demon Cat

Great stamina and damage,Also pretty decent price and recharge. Costs 120 cat food. Overall,A great cat to scoop up.

23 Swimmer Cat

Perfect for taking out floating enemies.

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24 Boogie Cat

Same cost as Macho Cat, but has more attack and slower attack speed

25 Figure Skater Cat

Like Paris but with stronger attack and faster attack rate

26 Juliet Cat

It is very godly. Area damage, massive damage, and low cost what else do you need? Nothing. Pair this up with cats in a box and consider that you already won.

Put it behind a high health cat and you pretty much win just don't let the tank die

27 Gentleman Cat

Fast attack rate, freezes red, decent attack, but could have higher health,

True Form makes him op against r cyclone, freeze is very useful

28 Crazed Cow Cat

Tink of a giraffe cat, now add area attack along with that and a improved sprite.

29 Commando cat

Just lousy single attack and slow attack

High damage good recharge overall good cat

30 B.S. Cat

Just like the rest of this list. One might even say it's like a cat.

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31 Ring Girl Cat V 1 Comment
32 Crimson Mina
33 Potato Cat

Tasted amazing in the 2014 update but was gone forever :(

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34 Zombie Cat

Zombie cat give "infected" effect that kills enemy instantly dank empower noodles and mentors butt face will die confirm he no scope kolary and he eat kapy for dinner #cyberkory confirmed

35 Valkyrie Cat V 1 Comment
36 Phantom Thief Cat

Cheap to produce, fast attack speed, x2 money earned from defeated enemies but has low stamina

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37 Tutorial Cat

He have many skill like face enlarge and 1 hit fishy Jones butt ware he reely Shaines is in Hurd stages lik moon ocean and 837828337 star utopia. Because he have ability call I kill you wheecghe take knife and kill you so you no need to play gem.

38 Mohawk Cat

If you don't have eraser cat, this can take it's place until you get it.

39 Cup Cat

Archer has always been our lord and savior until one day Archer decided to join the dark side as he started launching thousands of arrows killing our innocent cats. Even our fiercest ubers stood no chance against Archer. In a last ditch effort the cats called upon Cat God to stop this madness. In that moment a new legend was born. Cup Cat! He overthrew Archer and became our new lord and savior. All praise Cup Cat!

Powerlevel = Gao x9000

40 Manic Island Cat V 1 Comment
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