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41MarowakV1 Comment
42PinsirV1 Comment

To me Bulbasaur was always a great asset to my team. They're cute, dependable, and not to mention just a helpful part to each team.

I know venusaur is ugly but is it really a reason to hate bulbasaur too, I would say NO because bulbasaur is great and cute

This little plant animal thing is strong and cute but I like ivysaur

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45RattataV2 Comments

Caught one in red. Best move I ever made in the game. You guys's should really try him out.

In yellow my butterfree took out Brock with confusion

Say what?! Weak fools say eh?!

Think of a bug type having high defense rate and can use psychic types...

Meh, I just defeated almost every trainer I met using this Pkmn

Only fools think that there are weak and strong pkmn

Those who recognized such simple, ordinary (weak-treated) pkmn are the REAL Pokemon GENIUSES!

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47KabutopsV1 Comment

He is awesome! I got him from the the karate place in Saffron and so far he has been taking on guys 5 levels higher than him and our strong against his type. Probably the strongest fighting type. He also has very high stats. He should at least be in the top 15.

He is best and should number1 but at least make him higher than ditto

I love hitmonlee one time I found one but fainted it so I got really mad and trashed my room


I know he might seem overused, but trust me, he's a boss. His stats are decent all around, but his special attack is amazing. Just give him some thunder or thunderbolt, and his stats will make those devastate your enemies.

Raichu is a great Pokemon and should be at least in the top 15. He can learn great moves such as Volt Tackle and Iron Tail and is overall a greater Pokemon than Pikachu. (although I do still like Pikachu) Come at me haters!

Why is Raichu on this list twice? And why is the one that's misspelled higher on the list?

It's the best electric and favorite Pokemon for me

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Umbreon is a JOHTO Pokemon idiots.

Umbreon is a great Pokemon but its not a Kan to Pokemon. It's a Johto Pokemon

Umbreon is a moon Pokemon and it helps in defeating Psychic Pokemons like Alakazam

Wrong generation

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51JigglypuffJigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Has seriously been my favorite pokemon since Pokemon red came out way back on the original Game boy

If something hears its song, it falls asleep, plus its cute.

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You cannot beat the attack and defense stats. Also there is no better HM slave. Strength, Surf, Cut, Rock Smash. I always have a Kinsler on my team.

The original Crab-Like Pokemon, Crabhammer, Knock Off, Return, Agility/Swords Dance. Come on this thing hits HARD!.

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53SlowbroV1 Comment

My first starter! I even have a Mudkip plush! - Dawscr

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I vote Rapidash at higher than this. She's a flaming unicorn that can run up to 150 mph in ten steps from a dead standstill. How is she worse than Raticate? Or Psyduck? Seriously?

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Suddenly Dialga has just made it to 162 Pokemon to catch in Kanto! You people with 151 Pokemon, KEEP TRYING!

The pokedex said that time began moving when Dialga was born. Generation 1 is the first period of time. Meaning Dialga is in generation 1 lol jk

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58ArbokV1 Comment

This is the ELECTRIC pokemon seriously it lives in power houses I am guessing its got a lot of electricity


Have it learn:
Wood Hammer.
Egg Bomb.

It's a great psychic grass type and looks amazing knows great mooves you can't go wrong

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