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Remember all these pokemon are in the NU tier. Yes megas

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1 Mega Steelix

He has more than 600 base stats. He isn't one of my personal favorites but is still slightly underrated. - SamTheAwesome

2 Articuno Articuno V 1 Comment
3 Dusknoir
4 Typhlosion

I like Blaziken, but Uber is too strong-but Typhlosion in NU and Blaziken in Uber is crazy. - SamTheAwesome

5 Walrein

"Hi my name is Walrein I'm three tiers lower than Azumarill not including borderlines and I have 110 higher base stat totals." This is stupid. - SamTheAwesome

M8 Azumarill is ou because of his ability huge power. It can belly drum and then aqua jet anything to 2hko almost the whole tier.

6 Electivire

For him to gain popularity he needs a mega. That will show his strength in NU friend battles. - SamTheAwesome

7 Magmortar

Same thing as Electivire. - SamTheAwesome

8 Luxray

I noticed a lot of people say he sucks but a small type change can go a long way when it comes to Luxray. But for now he has a bit of power and a bit of underratedness. - SamTheAwesome

9 Lapras Lapras

His usage tier is NU but his strength tier is OU-Azumarill's usage tier is OU but he is NU weak. - SamTheAwesome

10 Feraligatr

Meganium sucks and no one picks him. But if you pick Totodile like in my Gold game or Cyndaquil like in my Soul Silver game you will discover better strength than that overrated pile of fire from Kanto (Charizard. ) - SamTheAwesome

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1. Mega Steelix
2. Articuno
3. Dusknoir



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