Nuttiest Madness Songs

Some of the nuttiest and best Madness songs with the strangest lyrics in music history.

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1One Step Beyond

Nutty and great to stomp to. When Mother's not around of course... ! - Britgirl

It's a funny great song. And I love that sax! - keyson

Great opener at any madness event.

It's the nuttiest song around! - Songsta41

2Baggy Trousers

"Naughty boys in nasty schools. Headmasters breaking all the rules. Having fun and playing fool, smashing up the woodwork tools..." - Britgirl

They played this song in one of my school's end of year assemblies during a slideshow of all of the sports teams. We laughed. - PositronWildhawk

3House of Fun

About a sixteen year old boy becoming sexually active and buying his first packet... - Britgirl

4Driving In My Car

This is just bizarre!
"I like driving in my car, even with a flat ti-re..." Haha - Britgirl

5Night Boat to Cairo
6Cardiac Arrest
7Our House

Yes This is my Fave Madness Song laugh out loud in Canada this Song is the theme song for one of our Coffee Commercials - Curti2594

8Bed and Breakfast Man
9Walking With Mr. Wheeze
10Benny Bullfrog

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11My Girl
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