Top 10 Oakland Rappers

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The Top Ten

lived in oaklnd for some time
Oakland in the house.

2Mac Dre
Mac dre is best rapper of all time if you were growing up late 90s early 2000s and into that kinda stuff then Mac dre was like a God I never danced other than slow dances with girls until I heard Mac dre. We were going crazy at the club at the house party in the Parding lot at a red light on the bay bridge stuck in traffic where ever we were dre was playing and we were going crazy dre taught me how to feel myself and I ve been doing it ever since its hella sad he died or else everyone wod be lovin him now even more Mac dre all day boi
R.I. P mac drizzle one of the biggest bay area rappers

3Too $hort
raised in oakland most of his life
Too $hort is the best but I would have loved to see Spice 1 and Rappin Ron (RIP) on this list.. and maybe give Ant Banks at least a shout out
If we votin for ORIGINAL TOWN rappers than Too Short is it... Anybody ever heard his uncirculated "tape" done over disco beats? Original dirty rapper, and that tape... I would kill to have that one back! But why ain't Seagram on this list? Can't win for losing? I know he got hit over snitchin but dang.. Put him up on the list!

former memeber of the Luniz

5The Jacka

6Messy Marv
Rappin 4 tay! That Bay Area sound was tight back on the day straight like that!

7Richie Rich
Living Legend, Bay Icon, D-Boy extraordinaire! Kandy paint, gold ones, vogues, Zapco. Haha! Enough said

E forty is the top of the list keepin the bay way cracking hands down
He is just a good rapper. And he represents Oakland ca.
E40 is good but not from Oakland... He from Vallejo!

9Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
most underated rapper in the bay area
Underrated emcee. Member of the Hieroglyphics and cousin of Ice Cube. Really dope... Mistadobalina!

10Dru Down
The best of the Bay!

The Contenders

11Shock G
Founder of Digital Underground as wall as tupac

12Rappin' 4-Tay
Is there an opinion needed, come on his name says it all. If your too stupid to know what it means look up.
Old school player that's all I got 2 day!

13Philthy Rich
What's up my name is dylan Garcia or dmoney

14Idaho J Doe

15Keak Da Sneak

16San Quinn

17M.C. Hammer
Started it all- the real thing in rap- brother knew he's s--t!
Went Platnum some many times that I can't count

18G Eazy
New/old combo of rap
G-Eazy is the homie

19Boots Riley
Boots Riley and The Coup is some of the funkiest and politically aware hip hop still to this day. Great flow and lyricism.
Tremendous text making sense, goof flow, music style on stage from funk to punk, humor and genrosity. Great artist... Welcome in Europe

20Fatha Dom

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