Top 10 Ocean Predators

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The Top Ten

Megalodon Shark
The megalodon shark can out size any animal with its masive jaws and extreme jaw pressure. It can also bite straight through the body of a whale.
Megaladon does not go on the list. It is extinct
The megalodlon well earns Number 1 in my opinion even if it is extinct.🐳 + megalodlon= No 🐳

2Orca (Killer) Whale
The orca is the top preditor. The megaladon is extinct and it eats great white sharks.

3Great White Shark

4Box Jellyfish

5Southern Stingray

6Japenese Spider Crab

7Red Knobbed Starfish

8Giant Squid

9Long Horned Cowfish

10Sea Urchin

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