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Tennis instruction has been on the radar for tennis players for decades. Not everyone lives in a city with a tennis coaching program and therefore would need to search elsewhere for instruction. That's where online trainers come into play.

Many people attribute the concept on Online Tennis instruction to Brent Abel who, in the late 1990's, launched He and many other entrepreneurs have since been teaching millions of tennis players around the world.

From YouTube videos, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and email marketing campaigns designed to drive students to their websites, tennis pros have been helping broader audiences improve their physical game, fitness, and mental strategy for a long time.

Below is a list of the absolute best Online Tennis Instructors you can use to up your game.

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1Fuzzy Yellow Balls (FYB)

Will Hamilton is the number one source for tennis instruction on iTunes for good reason. He has built up some amazing credibility with both professional and amateur players and offers customized videos based off his subscriber's desires.

Am I the only one who almost laughed at the name? - ruJILLous

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2Online Tennis Instruction

EBooks, videos, and direct emails with tips and tricks to strengthen your game. This site has pages of drills, sells some helpful products, and has an overall fitness section to get you strong.

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3Essential Tennis

Ian Westerman went from a high-end club to a high-end tennis website. He started with podcasts and has moved on to instructional videos. His teaching manner is very efficient and approachable.

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Brent Abel is the godfather of online tennis instruction. He's got decades of videos and instruction to follow his own competitive accolades.

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5Virtual Tennis Academy

Taught by a professional tennis coach from the tour, you'll get great instruction for a pretty nominal price.

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6Optimum Tennis Instruction

A clean site and some great videos of the pros in action. Tons of resources to Peruse and lose track of time on.

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7Tennis Mind Game

This site specializes in the mental game (as you can tell from the name of the site) and you'll not be sorry for the lessons. You'll get insights from the pros and various coaching resources.

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Free online videos to Peruse till you run out of time and have to get to work. Tips from professional players compiled into a single website.

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9Pro Tennis Coach

You'll get insights from real pro coaches who train real pro tennis stars.

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10Tennis Resources

A great collection of tennis tips, lessons, and seminars.

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