Top Ten Most OP Heroes In Castle Clash

A short list of the most OP- not the most important (so I wont Place pd or druid very high)- heroes in castle Clash spring 2015.

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1Vlad Dracula

Good at medium to close range, but if attacked from far away... you better place Warlock instead of him...

Vlad is one of the best for multiple target and very helpful for defense. I hope I will get him one day.

He is cool but I don't know what to do consume pumpkin or leave him

I have 7/10 and of 160 just the best hero

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2Santa Boom

Attacks from far away and does massive amounts of damage and kills all heroes without physical contact, swiftly and effectively more so than any other hero

Finley just got him I have gotten killed buy this guy so many times

When his purple thing fills up it shoots fireworks its cool!

It has lots of damage

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With a high revitalize this hero is way overpowered. 5/5 life drain which heals himself for more than most heroes hit for. His ability does a massive amount of damage and has a huge area of effect. Also stuns targets and speeds his attack. Just a rediculous hero that by far is the most overpowered hero in the game. Can solo any other hero easily, even vlad.

Unbeleavable damage and heals himself ridicilously much. Has a wide range proc and stuns a pretty long time whil boosting atck speed, healing himself faster. He also Deflects damage so he is a strong juggernaut as high damagers will kill themselves in an attempt of killing this beast. He is probably the strongest tank in cc due to his Life drain, high hp and deflection. - chribba

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4Pumpkin Duke

He is so helpful but if he in low level is so weak not like vlad when he is low level he is so good but I still like this hero "no pumpkin duke no win "

The most crucial hero in the game. A must have in any game mode and makes it possible to take down enemies that first seemed impossible to kill. His skill is stackable so 2 procs and your heroes are fast like hell. - chribba

He makes your troops so fast that your heroes will run right through a base in like 5seconds

The core of Mesa

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5Skull Knight

Evo2, level 200, 8/8 life drain and 5/5 berserk as crest makes this machine the best hero in the game. I hope I will get him soon.

Very fast attack, with pumpkin duke and deadly strike talent, he is unstoppable.

I really want him he's the strongest hero in the game because he has an 8/8 revive

Best hero in castle clash because he is a GOD

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The king of raids. Deals massive damage and stuns the targets for a long time. He does only target ground units, so he is better in raids than in defense. This beast also makes it theoretically possible to take down the portal in expert 8 withiout even getting Close to the boss army in the middle. - chribba

Sadly a P2P Hero but if you have the money to spend you should get MInotaur you wont regret it

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The arena GOD. When revitalized, he can both deal high damage AND lock the targets abilities for a LONG time. If this guy was in hbm you wouldn't even get past wave 1. Without this guy arena is super hard. - chribba


Got one of these, when he procs, he makes the opposite team worthless.

Does high damage and has the greatest debuff of all heroes. In mesa, 2 moltanica would be enough to make the boss unable to be any sort of danger. In hbm moltanica is crucial for taking down bosses. - chribba

Has the same buff like pd- but the opposite. Deals high damage and debuffs all stats by 50%(9/9). Crucial when battling bosses in hbm. - chribba


I have him. He's unstoppable. Crazy good ability. Great addition to any clasher's base.

Second best buff in game. Buffs energy and atck so the procs get much more powerful. If you want your pd to stack, cupid is a crucial hero. Good everywhere as he makes his allies proc sooner. - chribba

10Pirate Drake

He is the leader in my team. Can clear whole teams solo

With double evolution this guy deserve Top 5 spot. He's one of most op heroes besides SK.

Mine has 8/8 life drain. If get stuck on anything with big HP, he is undeath and throws balls every 3 sec.

His cannon blast is awesome

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The Contenders

11Death Knight

It looks cool and is super good in terms of health and skill damage

With his immense HP and a good attack...he can be a uber stuff hero! And also a HP tank

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Ghoulem is the most OP hero there is. I have a devo ghoulem level 180 uncapped and I love him, he heals every hero for 15k each 0.4sec now so you can do the math. Got a 4 revite on him and this is the perfect skill for any game mode. He also neglects 65% of the damage taken when he procs. Also with 1 pd buff my ghoulem can just walk through bases without stopping because of his ridiculous fast attacks in his proc. definitely the first hero I am going to max out!

Hands down best healer in the game!

Ghoulem is the best healer in just about every mode. His aoe dmg/heal radius is huge and the reduced dmg taken is crucial in most cases. Add in the immunity to stun and fear, and ghoulem is essential to any good team.

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Should be top 3 most OP hero in Castle Clash

I rolled this guy with 5/8 war god he is a straight up beast!

Grimfiend is good for breaking bases.I have a level 120 Grimfiend and his pet is Fenix.


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I rolled this guy with a 5/5 life drain he never dies he is also one of the best way to open up enemy defended. He kills the hero's before u get to them.

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15Harpy QueenV1 Comment
16Thunder God

Together with druid, he is the most price Worth hero in the game. He is the best shard hero and has a �'n ability that can be controlled. he can snipe heroes in raids and tank in arena. In high ability lv he can target a lot of units and easily take down hordes of heroes or troops in hbm. Tg is a crucial hero for low lv teams. - chribba


I rolled this guy with level 2 revive. Is a beast tank and a great secondary healer with druid

King of battling bosses. He deals high damage, debuffs movement speed and heals very much. Has the highest hp in the game, and due to his proc which doesn't have cooldown he is one of the strongest tanks in cc. When buffed atck speed he can start healing up to 20 targets while crushing the enemies. While all you heroes are stunned/freezed, this guy comes and rescues them with his heal. - chribba


Strongest heal for a single target and very cheap for being the best.


The main reason why I think he is a decent hero is due to,
A. He is cheap and easy to get at low levels, He is also insanely easy to evolve or double evolve. While he is obviously not the best in almost every category, He still has one thing... Cheap.

He is the most op hero in the game because he sucks

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First AoE hero in cc and made it possible to beat J. He can deal massive damage to both heroes and Buildings and can hit targets 10 times without problem.

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