Top Ten Ores That Should Be Added In Minecraft

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21Dolphin Ore

Now this is just getting random

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22Tektite Ore

I picked this ore because I was born in Augest and I really like the light green, the cool texture, feeling of it and other cool things about it.

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24Egg OreV1 Comment
25MeteoriteV2 Comments
26Super Ore

When you mine it you go to super Mario world! - Harri666

Cool ore to be added I thing it will make a armor set 10x better than diamonds

When you mine it gives you haste speed strength and nausea when you mine it haste 20 second speed 1 minute strength 45 seconds nasea 10 seconds stronger then diamond rarer than emerald sword 20 damage pixaxe 7 damage shovel 5 damage axe 15 damage

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27Creeper Ore
28Commandblock Ore

So like first you mine it and have to Cook it in a Furnace and BOOM get a commandblock. also good for hacking servers, TAKE OVER THE SERVER WITH THE COMMAND BLOCK! Vote please

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29Dirt Ore

Dirt that can be mined with a pickaxe - LugiaLover87

30Pearl Ore

That would be so cool. Especially if you could find it inside of a big clam you had to battle! Underwater. You could use it to trade with villagers or just as decoration. Cool.

Yes I love the idea someone posted about having a giant clamshell that you find pearls in!

Imagine... You could make pearl earings...

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31Obsidian Ore

No we already have a way of getting obsidian

Just empty a water bucket on flowing lava

32Moonstone Ore

I would find this moonstone ore and use a pickaxe. If I collect a lot of moonstone ores, a lot of Clefairy Pokémon could appear. - playstationfan66

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I can just imagine trading with the villagers with this. Oh! And you can make Jewlery!

Born in December So You should vote if your born in December :) ice ice bby

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I mean, why not? I think its less valuable then Redstone and a little lighter than Redstone
JANUARY for the win

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Could mine the block and it drops an ammonite or a trilobite, then you experiment on it to get DNA and bring it back to life, new mob or just put them on the wall

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37Diamond Sword

It can do 24.75 damage it would be awesome DUH

But we gotta have villager swords

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38Red Diamond

2� - stronger than diamonds. Is extremely rare and can only be found in the nether - BlueFrostOfThunderClan


Steel doesn't come from ore. It's a mix of iron and carbon or something like that. What? I'm in grade 6. It's not like I do chemistry or anything.

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