Top Ten Ores That Should Be Added In Minecraft

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41Ebony Ore

I'd imagine it would be super strong... Right?


Hardest metal on the table

43Radiation Ore

Now we can spawn Godzilla with this

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44Technetium Ore

Technetium could be the rarest ore, with only 100 generating per world. They only spawn in veins of 1.

45Enchanted Golden Apple Ore

That would be cool, wouldn't it?

You go mining, lose health while fighting, get a Golden Apple, and voila!

46Aquamarine Ore

I was born on March so HELLO!

I was born in march too!

If I get this aquamarine ore, some cute mermaid will appear. - playstationfan66

47Water Armor and Tools

It should make you drown when you wear the helmet

48MCEdit Ore

All you have to mine it once and smelt it and you have mcedit

49Poop Ore

You could make poop armor and Jonthedark wrote this and will be making videos hopefully so look me up!

50Mercury Ore

It kills you hee hee hee If you manage to obtain it It could kill other mobs without hitting

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51Google Ore
52Ender Ore

Should be 1000 time better that diamond and can only be found in the end for can be droped in a stack of 64 by ender dragon

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53Herobrine Ore

When you find it you should becareful I recommend not bricking it...

54Sunstone Ore
55Jade Ore
56Graphite Ore

If you add enough heat and pressure to graphite, it will turn into diamond.

57Bronze Ore

Although not as valuable than gold (yes I said gold not budder so deal with it), it is stronger, so I would put it in between chain and iron.

58Villager Ore
59Benfalite Ore

Come on! It can be found in the 1.8 water temples and is stronger than diamond

60Swag Orb
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