Other Names for Flatulence

Quite possibly the funniest sound God ever created. A noise deserving of equally amusing names.

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1voice of the toothless one

my dad said that once it took me a while to know he farted - blaqksails92

if one of my parents said this I would be so embarassed - Namerkp2

2The Skunk Has Left The Barn
3Rip One
4Passing Gas
5Silent But Deadly
6Damn Ducks!
8chanel no. 2
9cry of the lonely turd

oh my gosh me and my friend can't stop laughing!


The Contenders

11rectum roar

LMFAO... this cracks me up - lostgirl19

12prison break

We use this all the time now

13play the butt trumpet
16bung blast

This term can be used politely by children to refer to an event/activity that brings them great joy.

18Ripping a Hole In Your Pant's
19blow mud

quite honestly the stupidest one listed.

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1. The Skunk Has Left The Barn
2. Rip One
3. Passing Gas



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