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1 Soldiers Soldiers

The best song from the best album of Otherwise!
This song is really awesome, its combination of great lyrics, guitar solo and Adrian's voice make a great song!
This song really make me better. Otherwise has several great songs, but Soldiers is the best, forever!

This song deserves to have completely the number 1!
We are the ones who will never be broken
With our final breath, we'll fight to the death
We are soldiers!
I'm Cringed all!

Its just the best song of all time. Espacially the acoustic version.

Amazing songs, I really like this song.

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2 Die for You Die for You

I don't know Otherwise, until you hear this amazing song!
Otherwise created some of the best songs of this decade, the best is Die for You!
Die for You is one of the best songs I've heard, the best from Otherwise, surely deserves to be the first! - TheGodOfNewWorld

Well, This song is so good that when I hear it, I feel better!
Its lirycs, combined with its solo and Adrian's voice becmes a great song.
This song is definitely one of the best of Rock!

3 I Don't Apologize (1000 Pictures) I Don't Apologize (1000 Pictures)
4 Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass

This song is perfect!
Soldiers is great, Die for You too, but Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass is a absolute song!
Some Kind of Alchemy is an amazing album and this song is the best on Some Kind of Alchemy!
Great song, great album and up, great band!

The Best song from Some Kind of Alchemy! Amazing song! - HighRain

5 I Am Spartacus
6 Demon Fighter Demon Fighter
7 Never Say Never Say
8 Full Circle Full Circle

This songs is amazing, the best of Otherwise, Surely!

9 Crimson Crimson

This deservers to be in Top 5!

10 Man on Fire Man on Fire

Guys... This song... It's simply amazing.
I like so much the new album. They're playing better than before, Otherwise it's getting better over time. Congratulations for you guys!

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11 Darker Side of the Moon Darker Side of the Moon
12 Love & War Love & War
13 Rebel Yell Rebel Yell
14 Rolling In the Deep Rolling In the Deep
15 All the Pretty Things All the Pretty Things
16 Stop, Drop & Roll (Doesn't Work in Hell)
17 Lighthouse Lighthouse
18 Meet Me in the Dark Meet Me in the Dark
19 Heaven Heaven
20 Silence Reigns Silence Reigns
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1. Soldiers
2. Die for You
3. Man on Fire
1. Die for You
2. Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass
3. Soldiers
1. Soldiers
2. Never Say
3. Demon Fighter



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