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1The Wizard - Uriah Heep

extremely surprised to see uriah heep on this list, and very much so deserved. just check out the first album, songs like "gypsy" and "lady in black" then songs like "look at yourself" (there magnum opus) "july morning" and sadness and grief. the album demons and wizards "easy living" and... and said look at yourself was there best song? I ment "the magicians birthday" the last verse in the magicians birthday is one of the greatest ever written in any genra of music.

Wow! I sure didn't expect to see this as number one, but what a great call! Love this song, and unbelievable vocals by David Byron! In fact the only downside to this is there is no way in hell I could sing it!

I was a huge Heep fan in high school. Good choice for #1. Overlooked band and often maligned. They've made some great music.

Agreed, I love this song, always have. Great acoustic work, great buildup, really explodes when the drums kick in.

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2Prelude: Happiness I'm So Glad - Deep Purple

Lord's organ runs are chilling, Blackmore's guitar is distinctly 'feral magic' - bummo

3Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks

Overlooked? Sorry, but this was a huge hit when I was young.

Despite it's corny-ness, still get's my attention - bummo

4Stone Cold Crazy - Queen

Phenomenal song! Just outrageously frenetic, fast, and stupendous!

This song is widely considered as the first thrash metal song. - Metal_Treasure

Queen at their best Cool guitar!

5Pictures of Home - Deep Purple
6Pictures of Matchstick Men - Status Quo

When I look up to the skies I see your eyes, a funny kind of yellow...

Their psichodelic era big hit song.
Posterior hard rock boogie band.
Excellent Frantic four.

Good cover by Oxzy Osbourne.

7Hungry Daze - Deep Purple
8Pink Floyd - High Hopes
9Dead On Time - Queen

This song has hands-down one of the best riffs in rock history!

10Stone Cold Fever - Humble Pie

over looked classic frampton/marriot; Steve Marriot considered for Zeppelin and Deep Purple vocals - bummo

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?You are the Woman - Firefall

Oh god... I thought this was Orleans or Wet Willie or some other mid 70s band. This song is so sweet it makes me sick.

?My Woman from Tokyo - Deep Purple

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11The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Genesis

Saw these guys do this in Philly 12/74. Great show! In many ways this record(s) was a signal for Gabriel's exit and a more commercial sound. Good song...The earlier stuff is better.

probably the only Genesis song I ever liked - bummo

12The March of the Black Queen - QueenV1 Comment
13The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes and Freud - Blood, Sweat & Tears

Al Kooper considered 'best' by Who rocker Pete Townsend - bummo

I believe Bob Dylan was quite fond of his talents and contributions as well. - Billyv

14Wasn't Born to Follow - The Byrds

I was amazed to see this song on here. It's really underappreciated, even among Byrds fans. - PetSounds

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15Black Country Rock - David Bowie

Man Who Sold the World album is worth digging out - bummo

16Samba Pa Ti - Santana

beastly and epic Santana is the best that guitar is amazing

Santana did so many great instrumentals in his early days. Great choice!

This is a magical piece but I don't think its genre is classic rock. - Metal_Treasure

This is why Carlos Santana is a guitar maestro.

17The Sad Cafe - Eagles

This is one of the best songs of the eagles and one of my personal favorites and always goes unnoticed

The best song on "The Long Run". Hey, you guys did a great job on this list. Some awesome deep album cuts!

18Lemon Pie - The Strawbs
19Wishing Well - FreeV1 Comment
20Sing Me a Song - Willie Nile
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1. Prelude: Happiness I'm So Glad - Deep Purple
2. Stone Cold Crazy - Queen
3. The Wizard - Uriah Heep



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