10 Overpowered Swords In Minecraft Mods


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21 Tank Sword

From the Swords of Israphael mod, this sword does 105 attack damage, will never break, and will give Resistance V for two seconds on a right click. While not at the level of a Royal Guardian Sword, this still deserves to be at least a contender. - MissingUTAH

22 Diamond Sword

Diamond Sword

are good it's a pretty strong sword

It sucks compared to the first ones

V 4 Comments
23 The Dirt Sword

It d0es 1 damage! It can 1 hit every thing.You can make it by getting 1 dirt block and killing mojang

24 Enchanted Sword
25 Rapier V 2 Comments
26 Cleaver V 3 Comments
27 Bane of Pigs
28 The Ultimate Sword

The Ultimate Sword might not be the best sword out there, but it does get you through in mid game and serves well killing the mobs needed for Big Bertha. It has 40 attack damage (20 hearts).

29 Bedrock Sword V 4 Comments
30 Amethyst Sword - Orespawn V 1 Comment
31 PlugPE - Super Diamond Sword V 1 Comment
32 Ruby Sword
33 Slur Chainsaw
34 Adminium Ark
35 Pig Slayer - The Aether
36 Alicorn Sword

Does 1750 damage and has better range than the royal guardian sword. It also is in the MLP Mythical creatures mod. Look this mod up and see the true meaning of op

37 Delta Sword

It does 150 damage but coming from a lucky block it's pretty hard to get. Isn't it?

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