Top Ten Most Overrated Actresses of Today

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1Kristen Stewart

A terrible actress, but Meryl Streep, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz, and Emma Watson are all good actresses.

Why is she not number 1 on the list? - zemsblue01432727

2Jennifer Lawrence

She's deserves to be number 1 not 2. Kristen is overrated, but a LOT of people know that. While this blonde actress here, people just fall over her rude humor. And even dare to say that she's the best actress of this generation. So, for me, she's the most overrated actress of today

People need stop praising her. She is not that good.

3Anna Kendrick
4Meryl Streep

Love Meryl but she just opens her mouth and people perceive brilliance. I see others who have small roles who rip my heart out.

5Salma Hayek
6Angelina Jolie

Angelina is running out of fame because she playing more cheap movies that people can't stand! The movie "The Tourest" is the worst so far during her career! Also, why is Megan Fox doing on the list? She didn't do nothing wrong!

If Angelina Jellymould.. (. Like Kate Hudson, Jake Gyllenhal and others) had not had the link of famous or powerful parents she wouldn't have a career. They (talentless offspring) lack sufficient talent, looks or charisma to have lifted their heads above other actors who aren't blessed by a glittering genealogy

7Miley Cyrus

The only reason she ever gets a movie part is because she is extremely famous. That's all she is, something to make money off of. Which is funny, considering that she isn't very pretty.

8Leighton Meester
9Beyonce Knowles

She should stick to what she's good at - singing. - observer67

10Zooey Deschanel

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11Cate Blanchett

She always seems to be playing an affected woman who was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. No vulnerability, no real feeling or emotion. Fairly transparent mimicry of feelings/emotions.

Don't understand the heaps of praise she receives for her performances that are not very good at all.

Just seen her in Robin Hood - great film but disappointed in their choice of actress for playing Marion.

12Anne Hathaway
13Megan Fox

Yes, she is beautiful but is it the reason to call her an actress?
Megan is the most stupid actress nowadays. Her interviews are ridiculous!
Her acting is horrible too - no emotions, no feelings, no mimic. Like Robot - Alexandr

the only reason transformers is a good movie is because shes in it shes hot thats the only reason people like her. yes she is HOT though - 7beach77

Horrendous actress. Doesn't deserve to be famous at all.

14Scarlett Johansson
15Jennifer Aniston

You don't need much talent playing dumb characters in cheesy comedy films. She isn't serious actress and never will be - Magnolia

If that woman had never married Brad Pitt, she would have faded away along with the rest of her "Friends".

16Natalie Portman
17Amy Adams
18Uma Thurman
19Keira Knightley
20Cameron Diaz
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1. Kristen Stewart
2. Anna Kendrick
3. Anna Hathaway
1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Kristen Stewart
3. Anna Kendrick



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