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1 Minecraft
2 Cave Story

As much as I adore this game, here are four reasons why it is ridiculously overrated:

1. It is an indie game.

2. It is arguably more fetch quest than game.

3. The hard mode sucks.

4. What would it have really been without its cute, cuddly, adorable little bunnies? - xandermartin98

I like it, but I don't see anything too special on it.

This game is one of the best I have played

3 Five Nights At Freddy's

You know I thought the first game was alright, despite the very basic game play as well as interesting difficulty. How ever once it got turned into a full blown series did all the little respect earned disappear. Sequels were rushed out far to quickly and reduced some gameplay features rather then add to it. Oh yeah and the animatronics were not really scary, in fact they looked pretty stupid.

At first I thought it was a unique spin on the horror genre until the fanbase and repetitive milking told me otherwise.

I really hate this game. What's so good about staying five nights at a pizza place and checking the cameras? It's not even scary and I see it everywhere.

Totally not scary

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4 Undertale

Personally, as crazy as the fanbase can be, I sincerely believe that this game's critical reception was well-deserved (well, aside from it taking over the entire Internet and getting perfect 10/10 review scores from both Zero Punctation AND Jim Sterling, that is.) - xandermartin98

Lets face games like this can become overrated and points are made here. Though frankly that's on its fanbase. But unlike Five Night's at Freddy's fanbase which seems to think the games are good, Undertale is a good game which gave fans every reason to happy with it

I feel that it came across as too retro, it took the pixel graphics and tried to recreate the success of other games like it. The fanbase is a strong part of the game and undertale's ruined me continue to play the game again.

Undertale is a great game, but it's really overrated. Why isn't this number 1?

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5 Shovel Knight

For everything I love about this game, there's at least one other thing that I can't stand about it. For example:

1. The game is trying WAY too hard to invoke that retro 8-bit feel. If you thought that Cave Story felt a bit stuck-in-the-past at times, you've seen nothing.

2. Extremely cheap and unfair level design at several points.

3. The goddamned boss rush on Second Quest mode.

4. The game is slightly too short for a lot of various reasons.

5. Generally unbalanced difficulty curve.

6. Incredibly easy final boss.

7. Far too much borrowing from classic NES games like Megaman and Ducktales, to the point where hardly anything ever feels original. It makes Cave Story's similarities to Metroid look subtle by comparison.

I could go on, but we'll be here all night if I do. - xandermartin98

6 Guacamelee!

Rotten game, really don't see what the fuss is about. Dust: An Elysian Tail is a far better game in the genre.

7 Slender

This game is not scary it's just asses like Pewdiepie and Markiplier overreacting for money.

8 Life is Strange Life is Strange
9 The Binding of Isaac

From the floaty controls to the lacking visuals, environments, progression and depth it's not a bad game but far from great by my standards.

10 Terraria

Definitely underrated. The whole reason this is on here is because some 5 years old kid is mad that Terraria "copied" Minecraft.

Nah it is UNDERRATED and better than Minecraft when you get used to it.3. - PugLlama

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11 Happy Wheels
12 Super Meat Boy
13 Roblox V 1 Comment
14 Rogue Legacy
15 I Wanna Be The Guy
16 Braid
17 Flappy Bird
18 Flow
19 Pixeljunk Shooter
20 Steamworld Dig
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1. Cave Story
2. Minecraft
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