Most Overrated Mainstream Artists of 2010

July 28, 2015 - The mainstream has sold out. Remember about 5 or 10 years ago when it was awesome? Such a sad time for music.. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Justin Bieber
justin bieber is proof of how mindless and superficial our youth has become. think he made a pact with the devil to get this far... can't think of any other reason for his fame!
He has talent, at least a little, let's admit it. What's so irritating is how overrated he is, it's annoying how fadistic teen girls throw themselves at him.
Although many people may be jealous of his fame (Of course, who the hell isn't? ) But, let's be honest... No way can this guy achieve millions of views without trashy backing, because he's talentless compared to others
[Newest]Only stupid teen girls like him.

2Lil Wayne/Young Money
Worst artist EVER, and who the HELL voted Eminem for this list? Eminem is a real rapper, not this Young Money crap.
This one is just too easy. Wayne used to be good and then who knows what happened.
Nicki Minaj is the absolute worst ever
[Newest]I agree for Lil Wayne but Nicki is cool.

3Lady Gaga
She's not terrible but she's had way too many hits.
Songs are terrible alright. Looks are even terrifying... Can't even see a music video of her at all! :( Horrendous!
What is so great about this freakasaurus?

4Katy Perry
California girls
Teenage dream
Last friday night
All of the singles from her album went number one I just have one question why? Who listens to these songs? Whats wrong with people?
Lyrics are terrible, songs generally sound the same. Not sure where all the hype came for her.

Just don't get how people like this with no talent and who are unattractive keep getting this famous. Its like people don't know about music existing that isn't on the radio.
Crazy teenage druggie trying to make music. Never seen that one before...
"maybe I need some rehab or maybe I need some sleep. " what the heck is she drunk

Oh my god! Are people blind these days? Eminem should be number 1 or 2! For Justin Bieber's case... Really? He is famous for nothing and nobody cares about that idiot! He's no singer he's a celebutaunt! In Lil Wayne's case he deserves to be in the top 2 between him and Eminem. Kesha is just a computer with autotune who can't sing to save her life!... So is she really an artist if she can't sing? I'm no Lady Gaga fan but she is not as bad as anybody on this list. She should be way down in the end! At least she play piano! For Katy Perry can stay where she is since it's true that's she is really really overrated! Now for you Eminem, your music sucks ever since that greatest hits disk you released! Your only still famous because of these stans of yours. Really, recovery and relapse are some of the worst disks I have heard in a really long time! It's time to hang it, you were once good but you sold out!, say give that friend of yours ROYCE 5'9" a chance to be in the spotlight because he is a 100% better than you!

7Soulja Boy
HORRENDOUS - words can't describe his awful lyrics and "rapping" skills.
Aparently the lyrics to that youu song are "watch me crank that watch me roll" But to me it sounds like "why me crack that why me row"

Always hated her since 2005 when she debuted. Beyonce can kick her ass. She should be at least in the top 5 or 10. Her song with Drake was just god-awful. Drake is about as awful as she is.
Her whiny voice and strage antics need to stop. Her music sucks
Rihanna always was trash and still is - No talent No voice No bearable lyrics - typical product of show-biz


9New Boyz
It's not dancing at all. In fact it looks pretty rediculous. Why is the new thing in the hip hop world dressing like an emo kid?
People who "jerk" are people who have no other way of getting noticed. Please stop

10One Direction
I absolutely cannot stand how girls fangirl over them. They would be better as a matter of fact, if they weren't so overrated. But because of the fact that every girl wants to marry them, I see no interest in them, just another ordinary pop boy band with ordinary guys. Their songs aren't any other different from other mainstream artists.

The Contenders

11Black Eyed Peas
Black Eyed Peas were awesome before their third album, Elephunk, with Fergie joining and all of that garbage.
Come on guys. Drop the autotune

12Taylor Swift
She is a grown up with a 10 year olds mind. Her songs are kiddy and her talent is all but ordinary. She brands herself as sweet and innocent, when in fact she has a low level of talent and the most annoying voice a girl could have. Songs are crap and isn't even country any more!

13Owl City
Like what? All of his songs sound the same and most of his songs have meaningless and random lyrics that make no sense at all...
Apparently some fireflies taught him how to dance and he was sad when they left. Shows how big a loser he is...
Agreed, but the postal service doesn't have to use auto-tune
Rip off of the postal service


14Nicki Minaj
Talentless, overly-autotuned, annoying voices, etc. Her little 'multiple voices' are impossible to hear without having your ears bleed. Somehow this trashy so-calle "rapper" is actually liked.


16Avenged Sevenfold
The weird thing is, they were actually pretty good before they hit the mainstream.

Synester Gates's solos are nothing special at all and Matt Shadows voice is very painful to listen too

Probably because the only member with above average talent died

R.I.P Rev, Your band will forever suck without you


Ever since they hit the mainstream they just have sucked. They used to be pretty good.
They have to be missin the rev not only because he was a great friend of theirs but also because he was by far the most talented


This band is pretty boring. Fast crappy generic metalcore sound. A terrible singer. This is the pop, the boy-band of metal. There's also the overrated part; Rev A.K. A (for many blinded a7x fans) the best drummer ever (dafuq? ). Synester Gates the best guitarrist ever? They are one of the most overrated bands of this generation. No doubt about that for me


So generic, so crappy, worst band ever conceived. Since when is it OK to play the same power chords in almost every song? Oh and Chad Kroeger sounds like someone is chocking a pig who smokes too much with vuvuzelas. I hate this band with such an intense hatred


Every single song is filled with nothing but one syllable rhymes and the same things said over and over. His voice is annoying as Hell. The only song I can remotely stand is Hero from Spider-Man.

19Miley Cyrus
the worst singer I ever herd and she is stupid. Also she is still on disney channel


2030 Seconds to Mars
I love these guys their songs are pretty good especially "The Kill" and "Beautiful Lie"

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