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1Sonic Adventure 2

Best Sonic game ever? Ha! Yeah right. SA1 was awesome and deserves all the love it gets. This game is only okay at best for me. After all, I only like the speed stages (minus crazy gadget) and two mech shooting stages. That's not even half the game! Sure it has the best 3D multiplayer in the battle port but I think the Genesis and Sonic 4 games have better multiplayer. Not to mention the inconsistent story, crappy camera, mad space, meteor herd and crazy gadget being stages I loathe, I dislike this game. I respect you opinion if you like the game, but I'm not as nostalgia blinded or community blinded as I once was. At best, part of the game is fun making it an okay, somewhat solid game but at worst, the game is so poorly designed it blows.

Some of the game is good. Other sections very boring and dull. The game has not aged well at all. Adventure 1 was a much better game.

Thing is though, SA1 had Big the Cat, horrible lip sinking, god awful voice acting, and the camera was probably a bigger enemy then Eggman's robots and Chaos combined. I'd say the adventure series as a whole was bad and super overrated. I respect your opinion if you like either two, but nostalgia is definitely a huge factor for why these games are loved. If they came out today, I'm pretty sure it would get bashed harder than Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

On the top ten greatest sonic the hedgehog games, this guy said that you can play as 6 different characters, but in my opinion there are only three characters as the dark side is just a complete skin makeover for Sonic Tails and Knuckles.

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2Sonic CD

Well This Game is Good. But I Think The Award For The Best Sonic Game Ever is Getting Replaced Because Due To The Level Design, Generic Boss Battles and The Overrated JAP/EUP Soundtracks. As For The US Version: it is Very Underrated. Anyways Sonic CD is Good, But Not That Good and No It is Not The Best Sonic Game Ever.

This is great it might not be the best sonic game but its good even if the Japanese and europa versions were different also metal sonic first appearince

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3Sonic Colours

I do love this game but I think it gets WAY too much attention because of the wisps I mean sure they're good but it's not speedy which is what sonic unleashed was and people say that this game brought sonic back to fame but I think unleashed did that.

I'm sorry, but I don't like this game at all. There's far too much 2.5D, which isn't very impressive. There's barely any 3D, which means you can't really explore the vibrant landscapes. And the voice acting is really annoying too, although Roger Craig Smith definitely improved since this game.

"Sonic Colours" is definitely overrated!
I strongly prefer "Mario Colours".

Uh, no. This game gets hate from all of the genesis fans. - DCfnaf

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4Sonic Generations

Good but WAY OVERRATED The 2D Modern Sonic sections are HORRENDOUS Classic Sonic stages were okay and about half of the Modern Sonic were AWESOME and the other half were either okay or RETARDED And Sonic Colors and Unleashed were FAR Superior to this and even the Adventure games were better

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5Sonic R
6Sonic the Hedgehog 2

I know They Are Both Great Genesis Games. But They Are Getting A Little Too Old Really Fast (At Least There Are Still Fun Classic)

Old is great for a video game! Also, this game is great!

No, it's underrated. This game is getting more and more hate due to Sonic Adventure series.

Horrible difficulty balancing, horrible special stages, no save feature, boring boss fights, and too many horribly placed enemies and hazards

7Sonic Unleashed

This game was never supposed to exist anyways. Besides, Pac-Man Unleashed would be much better.

Yeah, pacman would obviously be amazing as a were whatever pacman is. I was being sarcastic by the way

Do people seriously count werehog stages appropriate for a Sonic game?!

8Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

The whole Sonic Adventure series sucks major balls anyways.

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9Sonic the Hedgehog

I know it The First Game in The Sonic Series. But I Think is Overrated Because Of Sega Genesis Ads Where They Bash About The Super Nintendo and Super Mario World With it. I Still Love Sonic, But I Think The Sonic Fanbase Needs To Stop Bashing Mario and Nintendo.(PLEASE)

I agree with the Nintendo stuff you said but this is not the original Sonic the Hedgehog. It's Sonic 06. They both share the same name.

This must ironic I cannot belive anyone have sonic 06 on a list like this

This picture is the wrong one if you are talking about the FIRST GAME!

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10Sonic Rush

I Have NO Idea How Everyone Likes This...

BORING LEVEL DESIGN, NOT A TON OF REPLAY VALUE, And A Bad Soundtrack... Please do me a favor, and play sonic rush adventure.

This should be top 1, not a Classic Sonic game!

Seriously, Modern Sonic is overrated & Classic Sonic is overrated!

Levels sucked, music sucked, story sucked, Sonic's slow even whioe boosting, Sonic Rush Adventure for the win!

Agreed! Sonic Rush was too hard for me! And Sonic should just die!

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?Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I
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11Sonic Adventure

It's a bit overrated but still AN EPIC START TO SONIC'S 3D GAMES

This list has Sonic games that are not even overrated, people are just dumping random games on here.

How dare this be top 12. Some considered Sonic Adventure to be the best Sonic game (or so one of the best) so thus Sonic Adventure should be top 1.

Sonic Adventure should be ripped off by Pac-Man Adventure.

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12Sonic Advance 3
13Sonic Spinball

More like "underrated". This game is perfect with graphics, music, nostalgia cause, adaptions, being a Classic Era game, the worlds & etc..

This should be top 1! Seriously, I don't want to get this awful game again! Why do people prefer Modern Sonic over Classic Sonic?!

14Sonic Heroes
15Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Modern Amy Rose fans (that pathetically overrate this girl due to her mean-spirited demeanor, how she gets riled up, her arch-rivalry with Rouge the Bat, her sisterly relations with Cream the Rabbit, fangirling over Sonic and dress skirt that sticks out like a tutu) would rage when they see the Modern Sonic games (take for instance, the one and only Sonic RPG and quite a disappointment) on the list. Say, did I, Kieran Glen Harris Stark put this here, by the way?

16Sonic Shuffle

Amy Rose is not the best Sonic character, Knuckles is.

17Sonic Advance

The weakest of the 3 advance games in my opinion. There are 4 characters, but the levels are all the same and as a result the characters unique abilities feel underused. Plus after Ice Mountain the level design takes a nosedive with terrible pit and enemy placement, and TOO MANY SPIKES!

Sonic Advance: a game with terrible graphics (which is not worse than the 2-D animation & character voices), & inappropriately positive reception. Also, Sonic is not awesome! Pac-Man is much better. Let Pac-Man replace Sonic & let there be a Sonic & Pac-Man Archie Comics.

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18Sonic and the Secret Rings

Wait what? OVERRATED? Yeah, this game actually got good reviews from critics. Believe it or not IGN said it was better than Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
So a game with fidgety controls and level designs that might as well be train tracks is better than Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? Seriously?

Me too. Sonic & the Secret Rings is the best non-crossover Modern Sonic game in the 7th-gen era!

This game shall be replaced by "Pac-Man & the Secret Rings".

I strongly prefer "Mario & the Secret Rings".

I like megaman and the secret rings

19Sonic Battle

Very overrated indeed that it deserves the top 1 spot. Many seem to know about this game, and Amy Rose has no reason to be in this 2D crap game.

Who can argue? This game is 2-D & should be ripped off by Pac-Man Battle & Sonic Battle crossovers. Also, shouldn't there be a Sonic Battle 3D/3DS sequel?

20Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

This game is overrated because of Princess Peach & her unreasonable talent of Skill-based events, right? Of course this game is what most people had fun with, but it was supposed to come after Super Mario Galaxy, not before Super Mario Galaxy. Also, its graphics suck & the 2008 Olympics should be the Vancouver Olympics then. But why is Princess Peach in this game, huh?! This game sucks for a crossover, but the arch-rivalry between Bowser & Vector is hilarious. But seriously? The Wii version of this game is boring & too long & confusing! Also, the voices of Princess Peach & Sonic the Hedgehog suck major ass!

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