Top Ten Overrated States in the U.S.


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Where do I start. Southern California is expensive and all the places you will pay to live in have NO Character; they are simply lame, generic apartments and homes with no style at all. Along the same lines are the people... Majority of southern Californians have no sense of fashion whatsoever; I mean it could be because they are spending ALL there money on rent, so they are left wearing 1970's Wal-Mart clothes.

Besides those points, there is traffic EVERYWHERE. It is a pain in the butt to get anywhere at all. You spend all of your time in useless Corporate jobs where you most likely have to commute, therefore your in rush hour all of time, and are spending all your money on living.

My next complaint is the ULTRA Strong sun. The problem is that since the temperature is always nice, you don't realize how strong those UV Rays R. I was constantly burnt and got a lot of new freckles. Then there is the Arid, Dry climate that will dry your skin and hair out like a prune. It is horrible.

I just moved home from Southern California and honestly have zero desire to ever go back.
you know its a good state but everyone there is so snotty and dumb and conceited especially those idiots frm los angeles get a life californians
I do not see what is so cool about California anyway, the only good thing there is San Francisco. One time I was watching the Nanny, and Fran was saying how much she hated this person she went to school with, and then that said she would take Fran to Beverly Hills, and then at that very second Fran said "Oh she's not that bad". And I say "Lady you are crazy! "
[Newest]Nobody lives in California any more, its just too crowded!

So many Texans think that Texas is the most beautiful place in the world (I know that since I live in Texas). But they think that because they have never been out of Texas! Believe me, I have been to a lot of the States in the country and Teas is a VERY ugly state.


Texas is beautiful. At least East Texas is. Rolling hillside dotted with green oaks! Texas is beautiful and relaxing. It really brings you at peace with nature
Yes it is and little to no public property
[Newest]Everything is bigger in Texas, especially ego.

3New York
Never will you find a place filled with more scum and villainy.
Personally, I think its boring. Oh look, a tower! Ooh, look, a woman holding a torch! Yay I'm so excited.
So they have more stores than 25 malls, big fat hairy deal! (I`m reffering to New York City) I wouldn't go to NYC for $100,000
[Newest]It is filled with traffic. Not worth it

Live here hate it

5New Mexico

It's called the sunshine state when it should be called the rainy state!
For some reason, I have zero interest in Florida and the number of British people who live there only puts me off even more. Way overrated.
They got them bitches and beaches

The first person to never do anything bad can call something scum
It is the most scum filled state ever there is people sitting on the street corners its horrible.

8North Carolina
Wait wait wait, No way, cause When I looked at the unratted states or whatever North Carolina was #2 and even though North Carolina is 8th in overrated? No way :/ replace North Carolina in the top overrated states

I just moved to Iowa from Massachusetts and I can say that Massachusetts is the most overrated state in the US. Many people, not all though are crummy. The roads aren't on a grid so it leads to some of the worst traffic problems in the US. It isn't the worst state in the US but it is one of the most overrated.
I just voted this to say that Massachusetts isn't overrated, its actually underrated.

I hate you all. Michigan brought you the cars we have today. If it wasn't for our Henry ford, you would get to your public dead end service jobs on foot. In fact, Michigan is UNDERrated. They say its the worst state for high death rates. Well you know what, that is only 2 cities. Detroit and Flint. If anyone disses Michigan one more time, they shall regret it for the rest of their lives.
What!?!? I do not understand this ranking, I would consider Michigan one of the most UNDERrated states as well. This makes no sense to me, someone please explain what is overrated about this state?
Not only is Michigan great ( I live there so I would know) but considering it is considered a bad state I don't know how it is overrated in any way

The Contenders

90% of the state is brown and ugly and the other 10 is the mountains. Colorful Colorado only exists in the two weeks of fall where the leaves are changing colors in the mountains. no where else. and all the people are usually from cali or Texas so yeah super humble people. And I am from denver
Wow you idiot -__- Colorado has mountains and actually doesn't have any desert and most deserts do actually snow. Take the Mojave Desert. Iv'e driven through it while it was snowing and the desert actually accumulates about 5 in. Of snow each year.
why is colorado known for snow when almos 80% of it is desert? I mean wtf?


I kinda like va I mean I live there they have great schools but not that great
It sucks! To humid in the summer, to cold in the winter, and to wet in the spring! It rains like, every other day and there are thunderstorm warnings everyday at six PM during summer! ITS IS HORID!
Virginia overrated I don't think so. I'm not even from Virginia (I'm from NJ) and I think Virginia is a beautiful state with tons (well for America) of history and beautiful historical towns such as Alexandria. Also, many of Washington DC's wealthy suburbs can be found in Virginia along with great shopping. As far as nature goes Virginia does not disappoint. It has beautiful sandy beaches along it's coast and inland rolling hills and mountains and even a good climate for grape growing/wine production.

Alright, I've traveled all over, and I confidently say that Ohio has literally NOTHING to do. Don't vacation here, save your money and camp in your backyard, it's a much better experience than what you'll have in the state of scum.
Cleveland is probably the most boring city in america literally there is nothing. Did I mention the toll roads?
I don't know about the people, but the state itself, truly is the rectum of
The country. Reason being it is the dirtiest, most "non" environmentally
Friendly state in the country. I'm really tired of Northeast mountains and
Lakes getting affected by Ohio in particular.

How are we overrated!?! We r ranked 50th in the best states list! Its literally impossible for us to be overrated! Come on!



18New Jersey
I love New Jersey. I love the people there for the most part. Lush greenery in the north and highly educated people are living there. You have the beaches and the Delaware Water Gap. There are much culture there and diversity. It is so livable. Though I don't recommend everyone moving there because it is so great the way it is.


Illinois is very flat. You have to pay tolls to go through the state. The people of Illinois flee to Wisconsin every chance they get. Chicago is the most rat infested big city in the country (look it up). The people whine about there sport teams more then anyone, other than New York. The only reason this state should even still exist is portillos.
That's not true... Yes it is flat and the tolls thing is ridiculous but it's a wonderful state with great people and nice suburbs... You don't know what you're talking about






I'm from here and anybody that talks trash on it is stupid. Kansas is actually way underrated in terms of being a nice state.

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