Top 10 Most Overused Rock & Metal Stereotypes

Rock & Metal two popular music genre have quite a lot of overused stereo types. For this list I`m counting down the most overused stereo types of both genres. NOTE: I don't believe in these stereo types but I`m rather against them hence why the word overused is in the list. If there's any stereo types I forgot add them.

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1Both Rock and Metal Music are Sexist

Neither genres are sexist and stop making this stereo type a thing. - BoredJeff02

2Metal Music is Just Screaming/ Screamo

All stereotypes make me LOL every time I see them. About this one, guess what: screamo isn't a metal subgenre, it's a punk subgenre - screamo is a subgenre of emo and emo is a style of post-hardcore that emerged from hardcore punk. There's no metal in this, it's punk-based but people think it's metal because of the stereotype - metal is the genre with screaming.

Of course metal isn't just screaming but metal singers use screams to express emotions. And what's so wrong with that? The Beatles are praised for their screaming! - Metal_Treasure

Actually if you bothered to listen to the genre there's more to it then just screaming... - BoredJeff02

Some bands like Dream Theater, Iced Earth, and occasionally System of a Down focus on melodies and great instrumentals. - NikBrusk

Something screaming rocks, but it is more than that. James and Bruce do more than scream. - Metal2003

3Metal is Talentless

Really? Last I checked trying to play "Master of Puppets" took actual talent. - BoredJeff02

Try playing Angel of Death by Slayer, Soil by System of a Down, Dyers Eve by Metallica, and tell me those are talentless. - NikBrusk

Wait, people are actually delusional enough to say this (being sincere here)? - ProPanda

No way, most Metallica, Slayer, Pink Floyd, etc, and than tell me how you can play there best songs. - Metal2003

4Rock Bands Always Party

No they don't always party, stop assuming they do before you know what the hell you're talking about. - BoredJeff02

5Metal Music's Only Angry and Aggressive

*Facepalm* More emotions can be displayed in metal songs other then angry and aggressiveness... - BoredJeff02

6Metal Music is Just Noise

No it's not just noise it's real music. - BoredJeff02

It is noise that takes talent, that counts. - Metal2003

7Rock Songs are Only About Having Sex and Drugs

Rock music has more than songs about sex and drugs, honestly pop music literally has songs about the same damn topic but it's done 10x worse. - BoredJeff02

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8All Metal Heads are Angry and Violent

Not all metalheads are angry and violent if you believe that you got some serious issues... - BoredJeff02

9Metal is Satanic

This stereo type needs to die in a hole! Metal music isn't satanic, it might be heavier then a lot of genres but it has nothing to do with the devil ffs. - BoredJeff02

Very few black metal is satanic. Mostly, it is a act. But this must be refering to metal in general. - Metal2003

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10Rock Bands are Always Being Under the Influence of Alcohol or Under the Influence of Drugs

Not every rock band is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. - BoredJeff02

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11Death Metal is Violent
12All Black Metal is Satanic
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1. Both Rock and Metal Music are Sexist
2. Metal Music is Just Screaming/ Screamo
3. Metal is Talentless
1. Metal is Satanic
2. Metal Music is Just Noise
3. Metal Music's Only Angry and Aggressive



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