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Shes on the cover of the game, that's enough to prove how badass she is - khali98

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One of the hardest characters to play, but once you master his skills you are almost unstoppable - khali98

The best character in my opinion, must included in the top three. - malamJONES

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Extremely overpowered with his deployable minigun and ultimate ability. Not to be messed with - khali98

This character is especially interesting; he seems to have the most versatile assets

Bastion is overpowered, but boring in my opinion

Love bastion

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Very easy character to play and does almost one hit kills. Also if you attack a group of enemies unexpectedly with death blossom, it will give your team a huge advantage - khali98

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Underrated character, extremely powerful and her ultimate can tear people to shreds - khali98

Rocket classes kind of take skill out of the game

The reason I like this character is because of her missle barrage, her explosive shooting weapon, and how she can somewhat fly. Its very fun using her. - AlBrEv2003


Tank with heaps of hit pits, can deal large damage with his ray gun and hit fast moving targets such as tracer. - khali98

Pretty sweet concept. His newly acquired fanbase is a bit unsettling though

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His lines are so cheesy, and his music gets really annoying. His appearance is alright, except for those ridiculous tubes on his head that look like annoying dreadlocks. His concept is pretty cool; I do like the use of sound.

Extremely effective healer, does AOE healing and also very good damage with his weapon, even
better than some defense heroes. - khali98


One of the easiest characters to play and can play literally anything as long as its from the front. - khali98

This class is awful, not to mention the character looks ridiculous

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His ultimate is one of the most powerful in the game, but his pistol requires extreme precision at long ranges. - khali98

I can't say why, but I'm glad they have him in this game. He's very distinct and his weapons are unique


Did they really have to go ham on her accent

I actually love her thank you very much - Peculiar

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Does massive damage with his grenade launcher, good to annoy enemies and also his ultimate can annihilate the enemy by surprise. - khali98

Literally the joker. They didn't even try here

12MercyV2 Comments

Amazing character design. Tanks are op. She practically has 2 lives. Her ult is amazing. She's sexy. The most fun character to play as well


It's sad that most of the hanzo mains never switch not contribute damage or kills to the team. At least on that extremely rare occasion where you have a good handouts, he does all the damage.

Requires very high precision, but deals very large damage and easily the best ultimate ability in the game in an open area - khali98

Hard to play as, but once mastered you can ONE SHOT PEOPLE AND SUMMON A MAGIC DRAGON OUT OF THIN AIR...

15ZaryaV1 Comment

Epic class. I used to look at him and think "who would want to play a fat australian criminal who has a pig nose and has a raspy voice? " That was until I played him. He can hook squishy enemies like tracer, pull her in, and one shot her with his scrap gun. He has take a breather which gives him 300 hp and has a 8 second cool down! amazing.

17Soldier: 76

The combination of damage, healing, and debuffing enemies makes Zenyatta the most versatile support. Holding off a frontal assault or pushing into a heavily defended control point with the Iris is almost a free couple of kills for the team.

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The most annoying hero in overwatch. You will be happily running the houses as whatever hero you want, and suddenly you stop moving. You look around but it is too late, you are frozen solid and must watch as you get headshotted with a tiny little icicle.

It's not a terrible class, but it does seem extremely pointless

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