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1 A Fever You Can't Sweat Out A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

I simply cannot get enough of this album. Ryan's song writing is simply legendary, the meaning between each and every song is pure genius. Personally, my favourite song of the record is Build God, Then We'll Talk. It is also my all-time favourite song to this day. This album was also very well performed. The live shows were astonishing, for example, this one concert in Denver was wonderful. Time To Dance live is simply spectacular!

The songs all do sound similar, but not in the structure sense really, or even melody, but just the sound, which is perfect. This is by far my favorite album because almost every song on here has been my favorite at one time or another. Also to those who say there aren't any stand out songs other than the obvious two, try Build God, Suicide and Martyrdom, and But It's Better If You Do.

It's almost blasphemous as a Panic fan to put this anywhere below number one, but I feel like almost every song here has the same sort of fast paced punk rock beat that gets obnoxious at times. It's not a bad album or anything, but besides "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" and "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off", I don't see many standout songs here.

The lyrics on this album are nothing short of spectacular.

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2 Pretty. Odd. Pretty. Odd.

Pretty. Odd. is personally my favorite album because of the soul poured into it from Urie and Ross. If you couldn't already tell, Urie loves this album so much because of the experiences he has while touring and with Ross. The one song that made this album was Northern Downpour. Northern Downpour is not a face paced, loud or fun song (most off of a Fever You Can't Sweat Out), but the life that is added by Urie and Ross make this song the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. This album does not deserve to be anything other than first place.

Though the albums after Pretty Odd are really good in my tastes I really think the instruments used throughout the entire album along with Brendon's and Ryan's vocals just make it my favorite. All the songs have a unique distinct sound and it's extremely nostalgic especially when you were introduced to Panic! with this album.

I feel kind of blasphemous for voting this one before Fever, but I just love so many of the songs... It's just a really beautiful album. The essence of why I started listening to Panic!

Wow 😳 I just realized how much people love this album. I thought this was the the least popular because it wasn't fast paced but no! It's second I'm glad pretty odd gets the recognition it deserves

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3 Vices & Virtues Vices & Virtues

After a fairly redundant first album and an adventurous and abstract second, nobody knew what Panic would think of next. We were given a collection of songs that each sounded completely different. From the mariachi horns of "Sarah Smiles" to the comically spooky organ of "Nearly Witches", each song features a special unique flavor.

Vices & Virtues is a true gem, with Urie and Smith being able to manage very well after the departure of their main lyricist, Ross. A more diverse A Fever You Can't Sweat Out under the influence of the success of the experimental and unique Pretty. Odd., Vices gives you a feel of both beloved albums, giving you the best of both worlds.

This is my favorite album of theirs next to DOAB. It's like nothing I've ever heard before-- there are so many genres smashed into one, and every song has a unique vibe and energy. God, I love this album. Brendon's voice sounds perfect in every song, you can definitely tell its matured from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. My favorite songs are The Calendar and Hurricane-- this album is absolutely, 10/10, PERFECTION.

This album has some great and memorable songs, I think it should be higher then Death of a Bachelor.

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4 Death of a Bachelor Death of a Bachelor

I don't know how this isn't higher. Victorious, Hallelujah, Emperor's New Clothes, LA Devotee, and OH MY GOD GOLDEN DAYS. Bravo, Urie. Bravo.

While he shares fame for other albums, Urie is solo for Death of a Bachelor. And, it pays off. The lyrics, the sounds, they're so different, but it's Panic! at the same time. It's crazy. Over the top. And it totally works.

I can just listen to all of the songs on this playlist and enjoy them over and over again without them getting old or monotonous

It got a Grammy nom! But we all know that all their past albums and songs obviously deserved a Grammy. Then again, Panic's too good for the Grammys.

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5 Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

I like this panic! At the disco album the best because they are all different sounding songs (i looking at you a fever you can't sweat out). Also this is the only panic album that got good critical reception (looking at a fever you can't sweat out again). Its not that I don't like their other albums, but I love this album the best for its cool synth pop emo mix that works on many levels. (in my opinion I think death of a bacholer will be better just for the amazing singles that are already on it). - KidA

I feel as this album had a few lackluster songs that were very forgettable (for me, one of those songs is Girl That You Love), but the good songs on this album weren't just good, they were fantastic. This Is Gospel is the most notable example of this, but also The End Of All Things, Girls/Girls/Boys, and Nicotine are all great.

Unfortunately, Panic fell into the endless void of vocoders and synths for this album. While I commend them for trying a new style, it seemed very phoned in at times and made every song sound the same.

Why is it last? This is my all time favourite album I mean "this is gospel " really features Brendon urie's outstanding voice. I also really like girls/girls/boys and nicotine.

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6 Live In Chicago Live In Chicago
7 The Document The Document
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1. Pretty. Odd.
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1. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
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