Best Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Music Themes


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The Top Ten

Rawk Hawk Battle

2Cortez Battle

3We Believe in you Mario!
Joy, peace and, hope returning, shattering a witch's power and breaking the princess free. Epic, happy, and perfect.

4Bowser Battle

5Smorg Battle

6Macho Grubba Battle & Keehaul Key

7Dragon Slaying Battle


9X-Naut Fortress


The Contenders

11Target is the Moon!

12Magnus Von Grapple Battle
Arguably one of the best theme songs. Just listen to it! Look at the techno and it's really catchy, it should be in the top 5's.

13Doopliss Battle

14Shadow Queen Battle Phase 3

15Shadow Queen Battle Phase 1


17Sadness and Happiness


19Hooktail Castle

20Fahr Outpost

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